About water systems

Water is emerging as one of the most important and scarce resources in Australia, now and increasingly into the future. This is why ZEN is taking control of your water resources, with the same level of quality and simplicity you’ve come to expect from the ZEN brand.


ZEN Water Management Systems are currently offered in the following products:

These products fit into the ZEN Lifestyle range, offering a complete system to compliment the ZEN Home Energy System and offer the highest quality in sustainable home and lifestyle solutions.

Simply select an option from the menu on the left and explore how the ZEN Systems can easily fit into your lifestyle!

  • Benefits of water systems

    A ZEN solar hot water system is much more efficient than most because it uses tubes, not flat panels, to capture the sunlight.

  • FAQ

    Do you have a question about solar hot water? We've answered and compiled the most frequently asked questions here for your convenience.