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ZEN Energy is a proudly Australian renewable energy retailer committed to making electricity affordable, simple and sustainable.

Image of one of the ZEN Energy solar system installed on the roof of the Tonsley Innovation Precinct

ZEN Energy is a proudly South Australian renewable energy company founded in 2004. We have installed over 30,000 energy systems across Australia and supply retail electricity to the South Australian Government, Foodland, Electrolux and the City of Adelaide.

We design, install and support integrated renewable energy systems for residential homes, small businesses and large commercial and industrial premises. We are proud that two ZEN Energy systems are amongst the largest rooftop solar systems installed in Australia.

The commercial division of ZEN Energy specialises in providing flexible; customer-focused solutions that combine the world’s leading sustainable energy hardware with flexible and transparent renewable-backed electricity contracts for business and government customers. Our success is built on engineering excellence and a customer-focused approach to energy procurement. We are passionate about exceeding our client’s expectations and deeply value direct communication and transparency in every project.

ZEN has invested in the quality of systems and team members to provide technical depth in engineering and customer service, along with a wealth of experience delivering commercial energy projects. As a business, ZEN maintains ISO 9001 certification together with 14001 and 18001. We are fully licensed and insured to deliver major projects and provide retail energy to customers within the National Energy Market.

ZEN Energy is passionate about helping and supporting communities to be more sustainable. We are also proud to be the exclusive provider of Solar Schools in South Australia which educates the next generation about sustainability using real-time solar and electricity usage data.

Our history

ZEN Technologies (Power and Energy) Pty Ltd was established in 2004 to develop innovative and sustainable energy technologies.

From his suburban Adelaide home, ZEN Energy Systems founder Richard Turner first explored solar energy for his children’s cubby-house to power a light and television. He discovered there were all kinds of solar panels, inverters, components and other parts that had to be bought separately and pieced together like a puzzle.

With climate change becoming a reality, it seemed that an integrated and affordable solution would soon be needed. With considerable research, negotiating and identifying world-class componentry, ZEN Energy Systems was launched and created its first range of home solar systems. They were affordable, easy to install and integrated for optimum performance.

US-based energy storage software and integration company Greensmith Energy entered into cross-ownership with ZEN, with the partnership bringing internationally recognised energy storage knowledge and product solutions to the Australian market.

Greensmith and ZEN also later cemented their partnership with Greensmith nominated as ZEN’s delivery partner in its bid for the South Australian big battery project.

Through a major industry merger in October 2015, ZEN Energy Systems relaunches as ZEN Energy with renowned Australian economist and climate change expert Professor Ross Garnaut as Chairman.

The new ZEN Energy emerged with ambitious plans to scale up renewable energy generation, from residential and small businesses to a level that could provide energy to entire communities and industries.

“I felt the company could be part of the story of innovation in the energy sector.”
– Ross Garnaut on his decision to help launch ZEN Energy and become chairman.

In an early win for the company, in July 2016 the South Australian government awarded ZEN Energy contracts to install battery storage demonstration systems at three government-owned buildings in Adelaide.

In September 2017 – just one month after entering the Australian market – Sanjeev Gupta’s global GFG Alliance, through its energy division SIMEC Energy, acquired a majority shareholding of ZEN Energy and launched a new joint venture, SIMEC ZEN Energy.

SIMEC ZEN Energy was tasked with improving energy security and reducing the cost of power for GFG Alliance and other large energy users across Australia through renewable energy solutions in front of and behind the electricity meter. In significant early wins for the new business, SIMEC ZEN Energy became the electricity retailer for the Government of South Australia, and delivered an innovative 8-year retail electricity agreement for a group of large energy users through the South Australian Chamber of Mines and Energy (SACOME) Joint Purchasing Electricity Buyers’ Group.

Responding to a need for a clearer path and truly integrated energy solutions for Australian energy users, SIMEC ZEN Energy rebranded as SIMEC Energy Australia.

Together, SIMEC Energy Australia and ZEN Energy has begun delivering complete front-of-meter and behind-the-meter renewable energy solutions for homes, business, industry, and communities around Australia.

ZEN Energy’s integrated approach with SIMEC Energy Australia, both members of GFG Alliance, has strengthened our capacity to provide energy users across Australia with affordable, reliable and tailored renewable energy solutions.

After a successful partnership which saw the development of ZEN Energy’s retail offering, ZEN de-merged from the GFG Alliance to enable a greater focus on providing competitive energy solutions to Australian consumers with a renewed focus on the South Australian market.

Why choose ZEN Energy?

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Proudly Australian

ZEN Energy is proudly Australian and has been since our beginnings in 2004. Headquartered in Adelaide, our team has always been and continues to be 100% Australian-based.

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Complete renewable energy experts

With over 15 years of experience, we’re specialists in our field. We know renewable energy and how to best combine solar and battery storage with innovative retail contracts.

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Custom designed solutions

We find out how much energy you use, when you use it, and what you pay, then design a solution specifically to suit your needs.

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ZEN Technology Partners

After rigorous testing, only the best products companies are welcomed to the fold as ZEN Technology Partners.

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Australian-based support

ZEN Energy’s Australian-based customer support team are your first point of call for any questions, concerns or claims.

Ready to start your renewable energy transformation?

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