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* The South Australian government currently pays a 'flat' electricity tariff, which is not typical for most local businesses. For demonstration purposes, this website has assumed the more common tariffs of 20 cents per kWh peak and 10 cents per kWh off peak. Therefore, the cost savings shown here do not reflect the actual savings at the sites.

Adelaide High School enjoys an enviable position on the western edge of the Adelaide city centre, in the expansive green parklands that surround the central business district of Adelaide.

Established in 1908, the school was the first free high school in South Australia, catering for over 1400 students from Years 8 -12. Adelaide High School is recognised as a successful and innovative school offering students care and attention in a supportive community environment, and has held this reputation since its beginnings.

Adelaide High School houses 184kWh of battery storage as part of the demonstration project, powered by an 88kW Parker inverter. The existing 21kW of solar energy systems at the school will also supplement the battery storage system in reducing site loads during peak demand periods.
As a unique element of this site, the GreenSync PeakResponse™ software platform will help to control the school’s heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning (HVAC) systems during peak demand periods, further reducing the total site load and demand tariffs.

Adelaide high school

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