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Ross Garnaut

Energy Ministers Make ZEN’s Big Battery More Likely

ZEN Energy welcomes the decisions of the COAG Energy Council in Brisbane on 14 July 2017, and says that ZEN Energy is well placed to provide reliability and security services to large scale wind and solar generators of electricity.

The COAG Energy Ministers agreed to two recommendations of the Finkel Review directed at maintaining energy security in conjunction with increases in the supply of renewable energy:

  • A new Generator Reliability Obligation which will require solar and wind generators to provide an appropriate level of backup to guard against blackouts.
  • The introduction of Energy Security Obligations which will require solar and wind generators to provide grid support services (Frequency Control Ancillary Services and Inertia).

The Chairman of ZEN Energy, Ross Garnaut, said that these decisions, and the assignment of responsibility for implementation with the Australian Energy Market Operator, would be important to maintaining community confidence in energy security in the period ahead.

“The decisions by Energy Ministers in Brisbane will expand the market for these services, and make it more likely that ZEN Energy’s Port Augusta battery storage project can proceed commercially alongside other grid scale projects in the market,” Professor Garnaut said.

“Reduction of wholesale power costs requires rapid expansion of solar and wind energy throughout the National Electricity Market.”

“For the public to have confidence that rapidly expanding renewable energy supplies will not compromise reliability and security is important for wind and solar to play their natural role in reducing emissions and costs”.

“ZEN Energy’s battery storage project at Port Augusta is designed to provide the necessary grid stabilisation services efficiently and cheaply as well as for trading wholesale power to reduce prices at peak times”.

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