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How does solar save you money?

Summer’s here, and it’s going to be a hot one.

Recent weather forecasts have not only made headlines due to the extreme heat we’re experiencing across Australia but also the effect this heat might have on the electricity grid – and on your back pocket.

Soaring temperatures often mean staying indoors to keep cool – often with the air conditioner on all day, even into the evening. This uses a lot of electricity – and electricity from the grid can be expensive. There are many ways to save on your electricity costs during summer, but a great way to not only save but future-proof your energy needs is to invest in solar panels.

Solar panels on a house

How do solar panels help make money?

If you have solar panels on your home, you’ll be generating your own electricity to use in your home – for free. This not only reduces the load on the electricity grid but reduces your ongoing electricity costs for the lifetime of your solar system.

During the summer months, while you’re on holiday from work or school, your energy consumption patterns can also change. Where you usually may have normally used most of your electricity in the morning or at night, you now might find your home using more energy during the day and into the early evening to keep the house cooler, run the pool pump more often, or with the TV or computer going more than usual to keep the kids entertained. This all adds up – especially if you’re pulling power from the grid. However, with solar panels, you can power your appliances, air conditioner and your pool pump with clean, green, free solar power.

The summer months are full of long, hot days, with an average sunset time in Adelaide of just after 8pm. In summer, your solar panels will not only generate electricity to cool your home during the day, but thanks to the extended sunlight hours, your panels will also keep working into the early evening. This all adds up to great savings on your electricity bill, at a time when your energy usage is often high.

With solar, many Australian households could look to save at least $20,000 on their energy bills over the lifetime of their solar panels – that’s no small amount. Find out more about how much you could save with solar. 

Find out how much you could save with our solar calculator

Simply enter your average energy use patterns, your location and what you’d like to achieve with solar, and we’ll calculate how much you could save on your yearly electricity bill.

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But isn’t there an upfront cost with solar panels?

As with all household improvements, there is an upfront cost when installing solar panels. Depending on the system size or configuration, as well as your choice of installer, you could expect an upfront cost of anywhere between $3,000 for a small system, to over $10,000 for a large system, with the capability of generating enough electricity for battery storage. But with Government incentives already covering a percentage of your total outlay, and bill-saving benefits for years to come, it’s an outlay that can pay itself back over and over again.

Solar incentives could reduce the cost even further

Incentives to purchase solar panels vary from state to state, but the Small Scale Renewable Energy Scheme is available Australia-wide.

The scheme encourages investment in renewable energy by offering ‘small-scale technology certificates’ with solar panel systems under 100kW. These STCs can be redeemed for a dollar value at the time of purchase, effectively reducing your upfront costs. Find out more about the Small-scale Renewable Energy Scheme.

With a solar system that’s well designed for your needs, you could pay it off in as little as 3-5 years.

Payback periods on solar panels depend on where you are within Australia, how much electricity you use and how much sunlight you get. A solar system that is designed with your energy needs in mind, to maximise self-consumption and reduce your bills, you could reach payback in just 3 – 5 years.

Want to save this summer? Go solar.

The benefits of going solar are more than just environmental: they can create real, tangible savings for your household running costs. Get in touch with our solar advisors and get your free quote.

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