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In Memoriam: Peter Taylor 1948-2018

We are extremely sad to announce the passing of Peter Taylor. His son-in-law Richard Turner speaks about his legacy below.

Peter helped in the original founding of ZEN Energy and headed up our Technical Division (the engine room) for the first 8 years doing what he loved. While training all the installers he would constantly call their bluff when they said a task couldn’t be done… Pete would ALWAYS find a way and then improve the way it was done to keep us ahead of the competition.

Peter oversaw in excess of 20,000 ZEN home energy installations during his time at ZEN and would be fondly remembered by many of our customers over the years.

Pete was on a mission, a mission to prove he would not waste the donation of a life-giving kidney and pancreas, constantly outperforming men half his age with his work ethic and ability to find solutions to every challenge that was put in front of him.

As a younger man, Pete contributed extensively to the building and operation of the Falls Creek Ski Resort and Village in Victoria. Besides his electrical and construction business, he ran the SES, Search & Rescue, Drove the Ambulance, and ran the “All Service” business – towing cars that slid off the road and down the mountain. Through his hard work, Pete had the original SES building dedicated to him, calling it “Peter Taylor House”.

His failing health from diabetes had Pete researching the very latest techniques and options, and through a combination of luck and pure determination, he found himself in the early transplant trials. Being the 17th person in the country to receive this procedure over 27 years ago, he became the longest surviving recipient in the country.

Pete by his nature and gratitude became CEO of the Australian Transplant Awareness Association, creating and running national campaigns such as the Donor Card Program (the predecessor to having organ donation details on your driver’s license), the “Let’s talk about it” campaign and the massive “Light up Australia” campaign.

He was also a very talented tennis player, taking on the likes of Ken Rosewall at Kooyong and even won a gold medal in the transplant games.

Considering his early achievements and fortitude, I am not surprised by the way he took on the challenge at ZEN, even towards the end he would always ask me how work was going, it was so hard to see his decline as he so wanted to stay on the journey, Pete had so much more to do.

I did get to tell him in the last few days that the little business we started together is about to make the largest renewable energy deployment in the world, which I know he was incredibly proud of, and in typical Pete manner he shook my hand and said, “That’s great!”.

Pete, you’ve put up with so much bad health over the years and shrugged it off, and put young men to shame, it’s finally time to hang up the tool belt and take a well-earned break.

Rest in peace.

Richard Turner
Son-In-Law / ZEN Energy Founder and Director of Innovation

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