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Off grid modern home

Modern Off-Grid Living With ZEN Energy

The problem with solar energy used to be that it could only ever be used during the day, and not at night. But ZEN Energy has found the answer, by offering a solution to store excess power generated during the day into smart batteries that can power your home at night. And ZEN’s solutions can take whole luxury homes off-the-grid too.

ZEN Freedom Powerbank unit in garage

Households don’t need to worry about changing their lifestyle to go off-the-grid either. Alastair and Andrew’s luxury home is a great example of a term coined by ZEN Energy’s Founder Richard Turner, as “modern off-grid living” or “luxury off-grid living”. This growing trend is becoming increasingly popular across Australia, with many householders finding it cheaper, easier, and better to go off-grid with solar and storage than connecting to the grid.

Watch the video above on how the ZEN Freedom PowerBank technology, installed by ZEN Energy, is now providing Alastair and Andrew’s beautiful home with enough energy for a complete day and night power supply with no connection to the grid.

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