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The People Behind ZEN: Bianca’s Care for Her Customers

Bianca Bastian is a multi-tasking, deadline-driven, go-getter; the perfect ingredients for a superstar Operations Administrator at ZEN Energy.

Bianca is one of the many ZEN Energy team members that work behind the scenes for our customers, ensuring that their ZEN Energy is approved, installed, documented, and commissioned in an easy and professional way. Working between customers, regulators, retailers, and ZEN installers, Bianca thrives on the unexpected, and she loves nothing more than digging into a new challenge and creating memorable customer experiences.

“My job role changes every day,” she says. “I’ll come in and it’ll be something different for each day, so it does keep me on my toes.”

Bianca has been with ZEN Energy for 7 years, and in that time she’s never lost her enthusiasm or drive for learning. Such a wealth of experience and knowledge adds great value for ZEN Energy customers as things continue to change in the renewable energy industry.

“There are always new challenges; this industry is forever changing. Being at ZEN for seven years, so much has changed. We’ve had STCs rise and fall, we’ve had feed-in tariffs change, we’ve had Governments vary legislation on solar; we’ve seen a lot, we’ve been through a lot. With these changes, it can affect our industry greatly. We’ve got cutoffs and we’ve got deadlines to get everything in by. So I come into work in the morning and something else will be different.”

Despite the only constant being change, she loves the variety her role brings.

“I enjoy the fact that it’s different, that it’s never the same,” she says. “It’s always challenging, but i’m learning something new every day.”

The changing face of energy in Australia also means Bianca has often been tasked with keeping some very valuable secrets.

“There are a lot of parents that are buying their kids’ solar systems, and they keep it a surprise for them, so we try our best,” she says.

“I’ve had one guy say, ‘if you call and my daughter picks up, just say you’re from another company or something like that, just say you’re a retailer or something.’ So I’ve had to be careful not to spoil a surprise! We’ll go to great lengths to make sure it can be a surprise for their kids.”

Bianca’s favourite part of working for ZEN is the close-knit community and family feel of the business.

“The people that I work with, I feel like we’re one great big ZEN family,” she says.

One fond memory in her seven years with ZEN was not with a customer, but creating relationships and helping out a lovely local community member.

“I remember being at Norwood, in the old ZEN office there,” she says. “There was a little old Greek lady that lived next door, Maria, who always used to come over and visit us. She would bring us all these homemade treats, all that sort of stuff; flowers, fresh fruit, grapes off of her grapevines.”

“It was good, because if anything was wrong with her house we’d just send a couple of the tech boys over to help her, change a light globe for her or help her out.”

“She was a lovely old lady, she used to always bring us treats so she was quite a memorable person for us.”

This community feel is reflected in the way Bianca approaches her work, with ZEN’s core values at heart.

“I don’t think a lot of our customers know the values that we cherish,” she says.

“We’ve got five core values. Innovation and thirst for learning; market leadership; honesty and integrity; customer service and care; and trust and respect. We always bring that in on a day-to-day basis here at ZEN with our clients and customers, and we always give them the best that we can.”

“We do live by those core values every day.”

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