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The People Behind ZEN: Meet Josh, our 2018 Brand SA Renewables Ambassador

With just one year at ZEN Energy, Josh Buckton has already achieved great things in the renewable energy sector in South Australia.

Recently, Josh was named one of two Renewable Energy Ambassadors as part of Brand South Australia’s “I Choose SA for Renewable Energy” campaign, a role that he’s only too happy to play.

“Brand South Australia picked two local South Australians from prominent renewable energy companies and did a small profile on them,” says Josh.

“It got put on their website and their social media, and I even found my face on a couple of bus stops!”

It’s easy to see why Josh was chosen for this high profile role; his honesty and values in designing solar energy for ZEN Energy customers never falter.

“I just try and provide the customer with the solution that works best for them, in terms of value for money and efficiency,” he says.

“Rather than just giving someone as many panels as possible, I want to deliver them a system that is going to best suit their needs.”

Josh is a Solar Designer with ZEN Energy, which means he provides the expert brains behind many of the solar and energy storage solutions ZEN delivers for customers. Reviewing every technical aspect of a design before it reaches a customer’s home or business ensures ZEN customers are delivered only perfectly designed, fit for purpose systems that will deliver on their promises. In its simplest form, the role enables Josh to help ZEN customers find the best solution for their needs.

Day-to-day, Josh could be in the office designing a customer’s solar or energy storage solution, or on the road inspecting a new installation or a prospective customer’s property.

“On site, we’ve got to go and check that everything works,” he says.

“We need to check that it all fits on the roof, check that the switchboards don’t need any modifications, and check the size of the consumer mains to keep everything working well.”

Josh’s easy-going nature and natural rapport helps build strong customer relationships – and has even led to some free wine-making lessons along the way.

“A couple of weeks ago I went out to a little farm in the Barossa,” he says.

“The customer and his mum own this little vineyard there, and they pulled me inside after I checked out their shed to put some more solar panels up.”

“They brought me into their kitchen and sat me down for two hours and told me everything I need to know about grapes. How to pick them, how they sell them, how much they’re worth, how much they were worth twenty years ago; everything.”

Josh says the work that ZEN Energy does behind the scenes in research and development of new technologies is something he’d like more people to know about.

It’s this focus on reducing our impact on the earth and reducing power bills for all Australians that spurs him on to help make a difference where it counts.

“Two major projects I’ve been involved with recently have been the Housing Trust and the Junction Housing Project, which has been providing solar to low-income families,” says Josh.

“It’s going to lower their bills quite considerably.”

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