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Sanjeev Gupta and Simec energy team

Sanjeev Gupta Responds to the SACOME Agreement with SIMEC Energy Australia

After today’s landmark energy announcement between SIMEC Energy Australia and the SACOME Buyers Group, SIMEC Energy Australia Chairman Sanjeev Gupta provided his own thoughts on what the agreement truly means.

“Although this initial contract may not seem overly significant in its own right, it is a hugely important step that marks the turning of the tide.

“It’s not only a disruption to the market by slashing prices and for the first time providing a long-term pricing mechanism to all sizes of buyers, it’s also proving that renewables are the future of energy in South Australia.

“It firmly places SIMEC Energy Australia as the new trailblazing retailer, bringing sustainable and competitive energy once again to South Australia. Such an energy environment will incubate new industries in South Australia, including GFG’s plans to set up a copper smelter in Whyalla.

“I would like to sincerely thank the ACCC’s Rod Sims for his efforts in this initiative. Through his work with SACOME, he’s demonstrated the vital role of the ACCC in promoting competitive disruption in the Australian market – it’s enabled new competitive forces to come into play and start the disruption of the exorbitantly-priced Australian energy market.

“My thanks also to Rebecca and her team at SACOME for their tireless work to bring this to fruition, while demonstrating the importance of their group to South Australian business, including even those outside of their traditional mining and energy portfolio.”

– Sanjeev Gupta, Chairman of SIMEC Energy Australia

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