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The future of energy. Welcome to sonnenFlat

Things are changing in the world of electricity, for the good. Say goodbye to your normal energy retailer and welcome the future. Welcome to sonnenFlat.

In our continuing mission to show customers a new way in a zero energy environment, ZEN Energy is proud to present you with a game changing innovation from ZEN Technology Partner sonnen Australia. sonnenFlat is the ideal addition to your sonnenBatterie and solar system. sonnenFlat will enable you to become independent from conventional retailers and take your energy future into your own hands.

What is sonnenFlat?

It is an energy tariff for sonnenBatterie owners. You receive a guaranteed amount of energy for a low monthly fee and in return some of the energy stored in your sonnenBatterie will be used to assist in the stabilisation of the electricity grid.

How does sonnenFlat work?

The offer is open to customers who install the sonnenBatterie and who have an existing or new solar system. Once you have purchased and installed your sonnenBatterie with ZEN Energy, you can sign up for one of three sonnenFlat packages outlined below, on the sonnen website.

Your solar and sonnenBatterie system will cover a large portion of your energy consumption but not all. Therefore under a conventional retail bill you will still have energy charges and fixed supply charges to pay. sonnenFlat replaces both these charges with one low monthly fee, saving you money on electricity bills.

Each package requires a suitable capacity solar system installed on the roof of your home. The solar system, the sonnenBatterie and sonnenFlat will combine to provide your energy needs to the consumption allowance. If you exceed the allowance in a 12 month period you will be charged for the excess consumption at a low per kWh energy rate.

Please note sonnen advises the following: South Australia and Essential Energy Network customers will have an extra $12 above the standard monthly fee. 2 Consumption in excess of consumption allowance will be charged at competitive per kWh rates.


  • New sonnenBatterie owners with an existing or new solar system
  • Houses must be connected to the National Electricity Market. There are some areas of Australia, which are not eligible for sonnenFlat. Before purchasing a sonnenBatterie you should register with sonnen to determine if you are eligible
  • An energy package to make the most of your solar system and sonnenBatterie
  • Energy cost savings above that provided by a standard solar and storage system
  • A mechanism to control your energy cost against rising energy prices
  • sonnenFlat improves payback time of the sonnenBatterie
  • A suitable solar system – minimum 5.0kW or above installed
  • sonnenBatterie eco 8.8 or above
  • Successful registration on the sonnen website
  • Delivery of sonnenFlat starts shortly after the successful installation of the sonnenBatterie and solar system listed below (actual start date will depend on you transferring from your existing retailer to sonnen)
  • sonnenFlat fees starts at $30/month for a contract period of 2 years and the ability for you to opt out at any time
  • You provide a little amount of the energy stored in your sonnenBatterie to help stabilise the grid without affecting your household consumption
  • Pricing for the requisite sonnenBatterie and solar systems will differ based on your location and the details required for your system installation. Ensure you request a quote from one of our expert consultants to learn what your upfront investment would be.
¹ This example is calculated with the combination of the solar, sonnenBatterie and sonnenFlat against the comparative retail offer for Sydney currently published by Origin Energy on “www. originenergy” at a rate of $0.31372/ kWh at all usage on 1st July 2017. Note that energy rates differ by distribution network region and therefore savings will differ depending on the customer’s location. 2 Please register as soon as possible under (www. to assure that you are eligible, as spaces are limited to 2,000 customers. You will then be notified by sonnen as soon as you can sign up for the sonnenFlat online.


Are you ready to move to sonnen and take your energy future in your own hands?

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