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Neville Bakes

The People Behind ZEN: Neville’s Passion for Customer Success

When it comes to passion for his craft, no-one and nothing comes close to Neville Bakes.

In his eight years with ZEN Energy, he’s seen a huge range of business and residential customers change their energy future with solar, and he couldn’t be more passionate about the variety of work he does.

“Every single customer you go to is totally different,” he says. “You can visit ten customers in one day and you’ll get ten totally different customers. Learning to communicate with those different personalities comes into the passion part of the job; I like doing that – it works. Reading customers and understanding what they’re thinking is really good.”

For the past two years Neville has been a Business Energy Consultant with ZEN Energy, helping businesses lower their energy costs and environmental impact with solar and energy storage solutions. He always aims to go over and above for every customer.

“I try and be as passionate and energetic as I can in relation to every customer,” he says. “I believe that if customers can see passion with what you do, it makes it a lot easier. It comes in a lot of different ways, in what you know and how you present it, but I think if a customer can genuinely see that you have a passion for what you do it gives them a lot more confidence in you and in the company, and that they’re making the right investment.”

Neville’s work with ZEN began eight years ago, working out of a ZEN Energy storefront in Gepps Cross on the northern fringes of Adelaide. He then made the move to the Barossa wine region of South Australia, where he headed up a ZEN Energy local franchise, which he says was a new challenge altogether.

“It was a different thing,” he says. “I’d never been into business myself before, so it was a whole new ball game, it’s not all just about selling when you own your own business, there’s a lot more to it.”

Neville’s strengths lie in forging strong relationships with his customers, relying on a basis of honesty and integrity.

“We’re honest, we’re honest about what we do,” says Neville. “We don’t go to see a customer and fluff and dust something to make it sound better than it is. I think that’s something that we do that not many of the others do. We don’t make things better than what it is just to get a sale.”

“Not every customer knows it. A lot of customers think, “oh you’re just trying to flog something to me that I don’t need,” but I think our honesty and integrity is probably what we’ve got that a lot of people aren’t aware of.”

Neville’s passion for his work extends to helping his customers get the most out of their experience with ZEN, while also helping the wider ZEN team in their efforts.

“One of the things that I’m proud that I can do is not just talk about solar,” he says. “I try and talk about solar and batteries now, or talk to a customer that’s got a business to see if there’s any other businesses that they’ve got that might be interested in solar.”

“So not just focus on the right here and now, but try and look at other avenues. Like they might have a home that they’re looking for solar for, so asking those questions while i’m talking to them.”

Neville’s warmth and enthusiasm for his role at ZEN makes him an invaluable asset, and his passion is hard to ignore.

“You’ve gotta be passionate about what you do,” he says. “If you’re not passionate about what you do you need to seriously think about what you’re doing.”

Hear how Neville and the rest of our commercial team can help your energy needs.

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