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ZEN Energy and Junction Australia – More Power to Tenants

The benefits of solar energy and the reductions it can make on the cost of living are sometimes out of reach for those that need it most. As just a small way of moving to redress this, ZEN Energy is proudly partnering with Junction Australia to deliver solar across their tenanted Adelaide properties.

Junction Australia is a leading provider of a wide range of community support services and quality social housing. Based in metropolitan Adelaide, Junction assists over 8,500 South Australians every year, providing 2,200 homes which assist over 4,000 tenants.

ZEN Energy has partnered with Junction Australia since early 2018 to identify and deliver solar energy on tenanted properties across their portfolio, as a significant measure to reduce energy costs for Junction clients. Arika, one of Junction Australia’s many tenants, appreciates more than most anything that will help her family cut the cost of power.

As the mum of Lilly, a 12-year-old with complex needs, a Junction initiative to install solar panels on homes Junction manage in Mitchell Park, including hers, has proven “a blessing”.

“My daughter, Lily, has autism so we have to have the lights, music, and television going constantly which really chews through the electricity, making it costly,” Arika said. “As low-income earners we don’t have any control over the cost of power and the fact that our housing provider was able to help us out goes a long way.

“From the start, ZEN did what they could to work around Lily to minimise the disruption to her life, which is really important because she needs routine and really struggles with change.

“She actually really enjoyed the process watching the guys work and hearing them on the roof. It was a really good experience.”

The ZEN-Junction partnership has already delivered a mix of three to five-kilowatt solar energy systems on around 100 properties managed by Junction in Mitchell Park.

The initiative equates to more than 1,000 solar panels across Junction properties with the potential to deliver up to 50 percent reductions on tenant’s energy bills.

Richard Turner, the Founder and Head of Brand & Communications for ZEN Energy, speaks passionately about helping people with low-cost, renewable energy solutions particularly those who are most vulnerable in a volatile market.

“Because it is a solar project, the savings depend on how much people are home during the day but for those who are, the savings are significant,” Richard said.

“Supporting the energy needs of the social and community housing sector is something we are really proud of and passionate about,

“We are in a position to provide sustainable energy solutions that will really change people’s lives at a time when the cost of living is compounding for a lot of people.” he said.

Junction CEO Maria Palumbo said in addition to the Mitchell Park initiative, all new JA properties will now –where possible – have solar inclusion to maximise energy-saving potential for tenants.

“This is a very productive private sector partnership providing fantastic results for our tenants, first and foremost, but also the local economy and the environment,” Ms Palumbo said.

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