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ZEN Energy Founder welcomes Australian Space Agency to South Australia

ZEN Energy Founder welcomes new Space Agency headquarters

ZEN Energy Founder Richard Turner has joined the chorus of excitement over the announcement that South Australia has attracted the National Headquarters of the Australian Space Agency, and the benefits that South Australia’s energy advantage can provide to the industry.

Speaking on the announcement, Richard Turner said:

“I would like to congratulate the State Government and advocates for a job well done!

Prime Minister Scott Morrison stated today that the Agency is going to open doors for local businesses and Australian access to the US$345 billion global space industry, and SIMEC Energy Australia is excited for the opportunity to be part of this.

This is brilliant news for South Australia and another great future industry that can take advantage of our world leading renewable energy resources. Amongst the many advantages South Australia offers, we have a unique energy advantage that has sprung off the back of our early and rapid large scale transition to renewable energy. Clean Hydrogen is produced through a hydrolysation process by running clean renewable electricity through water and separating it into the components of Hydrogen and Oxygen.

South Australia, with its future abundance of clean, globally competitive electricity could become the hub of clean hydrogen generation in the future. Advantageously for Australia’s space industry, hydrogen is also often a key component in rocket propulsion, and so the research and production of clean hydrogen for space exploration has the potential to be a benefit for the space agency as we move forward.

Clean Hydrogen will also be a big ticket export fuel of the future, and South Australia is well placed to export to those countries that are moving to Hydrogen economies but do not have enough of their own renewable energy resources to produce the fuel efficiently.

SIMEC Energy Australia is well placed to be at the forefront of this future Hydrogen generation industry, with our renewable energy projects already supporting large industry across Australia.”

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