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ZEN Wins Big at Carbon Neutral Adelaide Awards

ZEN Energy and one of our signature commercial projects have both been recognised with prestigious awards at the inaugural 2017 Carbon Neutral Adelaide Awards.

Hosted at the Adelaide Town Hall last Friday night, the inaugural Carbon Neutral Adelaide Awards celebrate the contributions by Carbon Neutral Adelaide Partners, individuals and households to the City of Adelaide’s shared aspiration for Adelaide to become the world’s first carbon neutral city. This year the Carbon Neutral Adelaide Awards were presented by the Minister for Climate Change Ian Hunter and the Lord Mayor of Adelaide Martin Haese, on Friday 17 November at the Adelaide Town Hall.

ZEN Energy Wins for Leadership and Influence

Amongst a strong group of finalists, ZEN Energy was awarded the 2017 Carbon Neutral Adelaide Leadership and Influence Award for our delivery of the South Australian Government Storage Demonstration Project. As Carbon Neutral Adelaide puts it:

“The award acknowledges the leadership of an organisation or individual whose early advocacy and effective demonstration of carbon emissions reduction has influenced many and set a new industry standard.”

ZEN’s delivery of world-leading smart energy storage to the SA Art Gallery, the State Library, Adelaide High School, and the City of Adelaide Works Depot will provide all four of these prominent sites to reduce their carbon footprint by offsetting grid energy use with energy from stored renewable sources, and maximise the use of stored energy in lieu of the grid at times of peak demand.

This demonstration of large-scale smart energy storage also marks a step change in how renewable energy and energy storage can be viewed as a benefit to businesses and industries across Australia. When scaled and replicated across business and large energy users across the City of Adelaide and Australia, this technology provides the ability for significant emissions reductions across Australia and a lower total demand on the traditional energy grid and traditional power generators.

As our Founder and Director of Innovation Richard Turner states:

“ZEN Energy is immensely proud to deliver these world-leading smart energy storage systems for the South Australian Government and the Adelaide City Council, and assisting the efforts of Carbon Neutral Adelaide.

Smart energy storage opens a whole new range of opportunities for commercial businesses to reduce energy costs, take a firm ‘energy position’ for the longer term, and improve their market competitiveness.

With over 10 years experience helping businesses realise their renewable energy potential, we welcome the chance to demonstrate this new smart energy storage pathway and the carbon emission benefits it can provide with early adopters like the State Government and Adelaide City Council.”

ZEN Energy Project Wins Partner of the Year

In addition to the recognition of ZEN Energy for Leadership and Influence, we were proud to also see one of flagship solar energy projects 1 King William Street also win a 2017 Carbon Neutral Adelaide Award on the night, for Partner of the Year.

An award for the most significant carbon emissions reduction achievement in the City of Adelaide, building owners Anvil Capital and consulting engineers Lucid Consulting Australia took out the award for a whole of building energy efficiency upgrades that have become a benchmark for sustainable commercial buildings in South Australia.

Anvil Capital and Lucid Consulting Australia win the 2017 Carbon Neutral Adelaide Partner of the Year Award

Playing a small part in the overall improvements delivered by the project, ZEN Energy was proud to provide a 72.75kW solar energy solution across the full roof of the building, which in combination with other measures has allowed the project to achieve:

  • 73% reduction of base building electricity consumption
  • 46% low carbon energy contribution to overall energy needs
  • 69% reduction in annual base building greenhouse gas emissions
  • 28% reduction of electrical peak demand

ZEN Energy is immensely proud of this win by one of our clients, as it demonstrates not only the benefits that we can provide for commercial energy clients, but also the strength and leadership of the companies that we work with.

As Adam Learmonth, Director of Anvil Capital stated:

“Our collaborative project has positioned 1 King William as the market leader in environmental sustainability and energy efficiency. The Project transformed the 1960s building into a contemporary ‘A Grade’ asset that enhances the productivity and wellbeing of over 1,000 occupants and visitors every day. It is a clear example of the benefits of leveraging off the embodied energy within existing buildings, with the upgrade of our existing building stock being vital to improving the sustainability of Adelaide.”

A Strong Tradition of Award Winning Activity

These 2017 Carbon Neutral Adelaide awards continue a strong tradition of award winning activity by ZEN Energy. Since inception in 2004 ZEN Energy has been recognised multiple times, with awards including:

  • 2014 – Runner up, National Innovation Award, Clean Energy Council Australia
  • 2012 – Australia’s fourth fastest growing company, BRW Business Magazine
  • 2011 – Australia’s seventh fastest growing company, BRW Business Magazine
  • 2011 – Winner, Environmental Sustainability category, 2011 Technology Industry Association Annual Excellence Awards
  • 2011 – Winner, BDO Sustained Growth Award, In-Business Fast Movers awards
  • 2010 – Winner (Richard Turner, CEO) Clean Technology category, Ernst and Young’s 2010 Australian Entrepreneur of the Year
  • 2010 – Winner, South Australia’s Fastest Growing Company, In-Business Fast Movers Awards

We are proud to add these most recent awards to this list.

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