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John Jung explains battery storage to SA Premier Jay Weatherill

ZEN’s Delivery Partner Wins Big In Grid Scale Storage

ZEN Energy’s delivery partner in its bid for the battery deal of the State Government’s energy plan has won an prestigious award for its role in grid-scale energy storage in the United States.

The Greentech Media 2017 Grid Edge Award has been presented to ZEN Energy technology partner Greensmith Energy and AltaGas Ltd for the Pomona Energy Storage Facility project in the United States, which was designed, built, and operational in under four months. The state-of-the-art 20MW/80MWh system provides resource adequacy for Southern California. Greensmith Energy was selected from hundreds of nominations and will be presented the award at Grid Edge World Forum in June in San Jose, California.

As Greensmith writes, “every year, Greentech Media seeks to highlight the industry leaders paving the way toward tomorrow’s distributed energy system. The Grid Edge Awards represent the top twenty companies or projects that showcase innovative products, introduce new business models to the electric sector, or otherwise present alternative ways of managing the electric grid that are more efficient and reliable.”

This recognition of Greensmith Energy a critical example of the experience and knowledge that Greensmith bring to the ZEN Energy submission for the South Australian State Government’s grid-scale battery, together with the experience ZEN Energy is already proving in our contract for battery storage at prominent sites across Adelaide. As Greensmith notes:

“deploying storage isn’t about snapping batteries and inverters together. Deploying this size of project in this short of a timeline with a 100 percent safety record would be impossible without deep industry expertise.”

With regard to the Greentech Media award and the Pomona project, President and CEO of Greensmith, John Jung states:

“We are honored to be recognized by Greentech Media for the rapid delivery of such an important project in service to our customer AltaGas. Beyond speed of deployment, this state-of-the-art system, installed at an existing Pomona gas plant and fully leveraging our GEMS5 software platform is all about reliability and delivering maximum benefits throughout life. The success simply would not have been possible without … the experience Greensmith gained over the past decade from other grid-scale markets such as PJM frequency regulation.”


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