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We are your energy partner for the life of your system. After our best-in-class installation, we continue to operate, maintain, and monitor your solution to ensure it reaches peak performance and delivers on our projections.

An Expert Installation

Once you sign on to a renewable energy solution, your project is handed over to a ZEN Project Manager. They will work with you to ensure your business has complete transparency on installation timelines, when key milestones are achieved, and our delivery methodology for your project. Throughout your project, we continue to work with you and your business to ensure your solution is up and running safely, on budget, and on time.

We pride ourselves on understanding our clients and their unique circumstances. Many of ZEN’s clients have sensitivities around their operations and more importantly, the people within them. We take the needs of your business and your people into consideration. Our installation teams hold all Federal and State clearances required to work with all demographics.

Expertly trained to meet rigorous ZEN safety and quality standards, you can be comfortable that our Clean Energy Council (CEC) certified installers and qualified electricians will get your business connected efficiently. Your key personnel will have everything they need to:

  • operate the solution safely
  • measure key performance indicators
  • monitor the solution remotely (where appropriate)
  • reach us if you need any assistance in the future.

If you’ve secured a ZEN maintenance plan, we’ll also take you through what’s involved in your ongoing solution maintenance, monitoring and support.

State Library Storage Installation

Access ongoing support to effectively manage your future energy needs

Your installation and commissioning is only the beginning of your energy partnership with ZEN. We provide your business with the same high quality and trustworthy level of support you’ve come to expect from us for the life of the system.

All solutions (subject to appropriate communication devices being present) include live web based monitoring to provide real-time visibility on your solution output and performance. Our aim is to ensure your solution is performing in line with expectations and that your future energy needs are regularly reassessed by our expert team. Once you start to experience the benefits of your initial investment, the team at ZEN Energy are well placed to partner with you for further solar expansion or the inclusion of a tailored energy storage solution.

Cleaning Storage Unit Installation

Preventative maintenance to keep you functioning at peak performance

For additional peace of mind, ZEN Energy offers preventative maintenance plans tailored to your site and your solution. It’s an extra level of care to ensure your solution continues to perform optimally, and that your business continues to monetise its investment well into the future. Our maintenance plans include:

  • periodic site audits to confirm all system critical components are functioning and reporting correctly
  • preventative maintenance to maximise longevity and minimise future issues
  • remote third party and in-house solution monitoring to take the pressure of operation and optimisation away from you.

For further details regarding ZEN Energy maintenance plans and the benefits for your business, please speak to your ZEN Energy Consultant.

It’s all part of our total approach

Understand Your Business Icon

1. Understand Your Business

We get to know your business and key objectives so we can deliver the best tailored renewable energy solution for your site.

Your Preliminary Solution Icon

2. Your Preliminary Solution

Our in-house experts design a preliminary renewable energy solution tailored to your site and needs, providing you with an analysis of its estimated financial benefits.

Technical Site Review Icon

3. Technical Site Review

Our qualified electricians complete a technical site review to confirm the final details of the solution and its installation. This minimises any surprises or variations down the track.

Completed Proposal Icon

4. Completed Proposal

Your ZEN Consultant provides a detailed solution proposal ready for your approval. It’s comprehensive and ready for executive or board level review.

Approvals and Installations Icon

5. Approvals and Installation

ZEN internally manages all necessary distributor approvals on your behalf, saving you valuable time and resources. Every installation is performed by accredited installers and complies with Clean Energy Council guidelines.

Ongoing Support Icon

6. Ongoing Support

We continue to work with you after installation to maintain, monitor and optimise your solution. We want to ensure it reaches peak performance and delivers on our projections.

Start your renewable energy experience with a company that supports your business all the way.

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