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Our people are at the heart of GFG Alliance, and we want to say thanks for your dedication with special network offers.

We want to extend benefits to our Australian employees through packages on solar and storage solutions through GFG Alliance member and leading renewable energy company, ZEN Energy. Our aim is to break the model of existing solar companies and energy retailers to find a new, market-leading, enlightened way to deliver renewable energy to Australians.

This offer gives you the chance to lower your energy bills, be less reliant on the grid and help the environment by using clean, green, renewable energy.

Your new solar and battery storage solution could be paid for through instalments that may be cheaper than paying your monthly power bills.

Our process ensures you get the perfect package to suit your needs

Register your interest

Answer a few questions to give us an idea of your current situation and what you hope to achieve with solar and battery storage.

We research the options

We’ll discuss your needs with our suppliers and uncover the best offers available, catered to your unique circumstances.

Consider the packages

We’ll get in contact to talk about the packages available. Your consultant will be able to provide you with as much detail as you need.

Install and start saving!

After you accept the offer, ZEN Energy specialists will install your solution so that you can start saving as soon as possible!

We want to provide GFG Alliance employees with access to ZEN Energy solar and storage solutions that:

  • Are environmentally sustainable
  • Reduce your reliance on the energy grid
  • Break the model of traditional energy companies
  • Are affordable and can be paid off in instalments that may be cheaper than paying power bills
  • Give you a long-term energy solution that minimises future power bills.


Find out more about solar and battery storage

Why solar and battery storage?

Solar and battery storage is the future of energy in Australia. Whether you want to extend your current system, or start generating power with a new solar power package, we can tailor your ZEN solar or battery storage solution to the needs of you and your family.

solar solution

Save Money

By storing and using your own renewable energy 24 hours a day, you can save hundreds on energy bills and protect your home from rising power prices.

Sonnen storage unit

Live Sustainably

Rely less on coal or gas-fired power stations and use clean, green solar energy in your home. Battery storage reduces your carbon footprint from the moment of installation.

Be Independent

Protect yourself from ever-rising power prices and release yourself from the grip of the grid. Store excess renewable energy to use when you need it most.

Register your interest today!

If you are a property owner interested in the benefits of this GFG Alliance employee offer, register now. Your responses will help us design the offer with your interests at heart. Registration does not add you to our mailing list; we will only contact you about the offer specified.

We will be in contact with you once the offer has been developed in detail. We may also contact you in the meantime for further information that will guide our decisions.

If you have any issues completing this form, please email your name, address, and contact details to

Say goodbye to ever-increasing power bills and start living sustainably.