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How to Clean Solar Panels

Ensure your energy production stays efficient by regularly cleaning your home energy system. Follow our guide to optimise system performance.

Installing your solar panels

Learn what to expect when ZEN Energy comes to install your new solar energy system.


Technical datasheet for the JA Solar JAP660/255-275 range of solar panels


Technical datasheet for the JA Solar Percium JAM6(K)60/280-300 range of solar panels


Technical datasheet for the JA Solar Percium JAM60S01 290-310/PR range of solar panels


Technical datasheet for the Jinko Solar JKM-255 | 260 | 265 | 270 | 275PP range of solar panels


Technical datasheet for the Opal Solar OSR-60P Series range of solar panels

Answer: All solar energy solutions provided by ZEN can have energy storage added to them at a later stage. This means you can make an investment in solar panels and start saving on your bills today, with complete confidence that you’ll be able to update to energy storage down the track if you want to.

Answer: The ability to add more panels or energy storage to your existing solar energy system will depend on a few factors, such as receiving the appropriate approvals from your distributor, on suitable solar panels still being available (if you are looking to add more panels), and on any upgrades meeting current Australian Standards. If you are just looking to add panels to your existing system, nowadays the most cost-effective option is often just to add a second solar energy system to your property that sits side-by-side with your current system.

Please be aware that upgrading your system with more panels or energy storage may also result in losing your current feed-in tariff, and the requirements for adding panels or energy storage may differ from state to state. A ZEN Energy consultant will be able to take you through these requirements and guide you down the best path.

Answer: In most circumstances, there will need to be some alteration to your existing electricity meter as part of a solar or energy storage installation. The exact type of alteration will depend on a range of factors, but will typically be anything from a simple reprogramming for newer meters through to a full meter replacement and upgraded for older meters. ZEN will submit all the necessary paperwork on your behalf. Unless your retailer tries to contact you regarding your account with them, you will not need to do anything through this process. ZEN arranges the necessary meter work on your behalf, and we will advise you of the date it will all happen once we have been advised.

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