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Renewable Energy Certificates

ZEN Energy have been working with commercial businesses in the renewable energy industry for more than 10 years. This breadth of experience in navigating different governmental incentives as they become available allows us to help businesses to meet their obligations and access the entitlements.

As your energy partner, ZEN Energy continues to provide high quality customer service and guidance for the life of your system. Our expert consultants can assist businesses taking advantage of Government incentives from the initial eligibility scoping through to managing and meeting your obligations.

Find out more about the different incentives available.

How can I finance solar and battery storage?

Take a look at possible finance options for your ZEN Energy system. The energy cost savings from a system can often exceed the financing costs.

Installing your solar panels

Learn what to expect when ZEN Energy comes to install your new solar energy system.

How to Clean Solar Panels

Ensure your energy production stays efficient by regularly cleaning your home energy system. Follow our guide to optimise system performance.

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