Our Targets

To lead communities into the zero-carbon world means focusing on sustainable practicies across our whole business not just the energy we sell.
To lead communities into the zero-carbon world means embracing new technology, creating innovative concepts, and improving service.
Future of Energy
To lead communities into the zero-carbon world means embracing what we have today to create renewable solutions for tomorrow.
Carbon Reduction
To lead communities into the zero-carbon world means being committed to only generating renewable energy.

Our Commitments

Our Commitments


The future is no longer a choice between a growing economy and a cleaner planet. Our customers’ survival depends on both.

We deliver for our customers
We openly share our knowledge
Our solutions must be competitive
We offer choice and are not single minded
Our supply chain is innovative and sustainable
We promote global best practice across our business
We work to change the Australian energy market, for the better.


To lead communities into the zero-carbon world means always behaving ethically and holding our teams accountable to the highest standards.

Our impact goes beyond the environment – we are conscious of our social contract as a large organisation, an employer and as a community member. We have a very clear code of conduct and work hard to build and grow our culture – one united behind our common purpose – to lead communities into the zero-carbon world.

Specifically, this means:

  1. Working respectfully with the traditional owners of the land on which we work,
  2. Working with and for the benefits of the communities that we serve,
  3. Selectively utilising technology to create positive outcomes for our stakeholders,
  4. Working hard to create a positive impact in all that we undertake.


In the absence of agreed global and national science based targets, ZEN Energy focuses on supporting initiatives to demonstrate efficient, effective and scalable methods of mitigating climate change across the energy, heavy industry, waste and agriculture sectors.

We are committed to only generate renewable energy for our offtake agreements. Every new initiative that we develop starts with the simple question – how does this get us closer to achieving our purpose of leading communities into the zero-carbon world?


ZEN Energy has offtake agreements with Australia’s premier renewable energy projects. See where the energy and renewable energy certificates we provide is generated on the map.


Raymond Spencer
We’re in a time of great transformation. A time that requires all of us to innovate, to be agile, to take risks, and to be willing to invest in our future. Innovation, creativity and industriousness is in the very DNA of Australians. And it is these very strengths that drive the success of ZEN Energy.
Ross Garnaut
ZEN Energy was there at the beginning of the boom in home solar and batteries in Australia, and will continue to drive change until all Australian organisations and individuals have access to simple, affordable, 100% renewable energy contracts.
Anthony Garnaut
We remain alert that a product is never just an economic thing, but has a social impact. How we buy our energy has consequences for climate, wealth and health equality.

Our Customers

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