Justin – Energy Hero

We love listening to our customers stories and finding out what made them make the change to solar energy.

Justin & Kimberly live in North Adelaide with their dogs Sooty & Luna. They both work from home and enjoy playing video games together. They decided to look into solar energy to help them manage energy costs and get visibility into the usage of their high usage home appliances.

ZEN Energy installed a 6.6kW ZEN rooftop solar system on their property using renewable energy which helps them manage their daytime demand, and enables then to heat and cool their home without worrying about a large energy bill. Plus they care about sustainability and the environment as much as we do.

Congratulations for making positive decision for the environment guys.

Environmental Benefits

Trees planted
The installation is the equivalent to planting 157 trees per year.
Fuel avoided
2606 litres of fuel avoided per year
Avoided coal
The equivalent of 2962 kg of coal burnt per year
Residential Customer
“Solar has halved our bills. Sustainability to me means working with others to ensure the environment remains livable.”

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