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Residential Battery Storage

Battery storage is the future. Extend your existing solar system or start building a complete solar and battery system today. Clean energy independence that saves you money.

Lower your carbon impact
Make the most of the energy you create during the day and use it at night. Lower your carbon footprint and use less energy from the grid.
Unlock extra value from solar
By installing a battery storage system, you can unlock further value from your solar system and enable your home to participate in a virtual powerplant which provides you with further financial benefits.
Be a renewable energy leader
Lead by example. That is all we can do as individuals. By installing a battery storage system on your home, you show your community you care about the environment and become a leader in the zero-carbon world.
ZEN. Zero Emissions Now. For a better future.
Solar batteries can help you make the most of your solar panels and increase your independence from the grid.

Whether you want to add solar battery storage to your current solar power system or start generating power with a complete solar power battery package, solar batteries will help you achieve your carbon reduction goals and will save you money.

Solar batteries capture excess, unused energy produced by your solar panels, and store it ready for use at night, during cloudy periods, or during a blackout. Storing your self-generated solar energy means you can power your home with clean, green electricity 24/7. You’ll be protected from rising electricity costs, could have power in a blackout, and you’ll be helping to protect the environment from greenhouse gases from gas or coal generated electricity.

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Hear the sustainability stories of our customers and find out why they chose ZEN Energy as their renewable energy partner.


Why should you install solar panels? What effect will they have on your power bills? What kind of solar system do you need? How do you know which retailer to trust? This free guide is designed to help you find your perfect solar energy solution.



Product Overview

Sleek design. The world’s most popular battery!

Product Description

Reliable – backup power included as standard
Flexible – mounted on wall or ground
Safe – water resistant & dust proof enclosure, no live wires or dangerous vents
Affordable – option to repay with a Brighte Green Loan

  • Liquid thermal control system, with software that intelligently dispatches electricity when it’s needed most.
  • Powerwall detects an outage, disconnects from the grid, and automatically restores power to your home in a fraction of a second. Your lights and appliances continue to run without interruption.
  • Remote software updates are constantly improving your system.
  • Seamlessly monitor and manage your system with the Tesla app.



Storage Capacity



Clean Energy Council Approved



Speak to our team about extending the product warranty to 15 years by joining the Tesla Energy Plan.

Frequently Asked Questions

Popular battery sizes for Australian homes are around 10 to 15kWh, the most suitable sized battery depends on your energy goals.

Most solar batteries are warranted for at least 10 years, and have expected lifespans of around 20 years or more. Just like your house or car, there are a variety of things that can influence how long your battery investment may last, including:

The type of solar battery: its composition and materials
Usage: how many cycles your battery is put through on a daily or weekly basis, and how deep those cycles are

  • Temperature: keeping your battery at an optimal temperature
  • Maintenance: monitoring and maintaining your battery to ensure optimal health

Taking good care of your battery, following the manufacturer’s recommendations for use and maintenance, as well as choosing a premium product and reliable provider, can help to ensure that it remains healthy and efficient, optimising the life expectancy and increasing the return on your investment.

Adding a battery into your existing system is a fantastic way to add more value to your home energy solution. Having a battery makes your home more self reliant, while optimising the benefits of solar energy production. Here’s how to get started with adding a battery to your existing system:

  1. Review your current solar energy production: are you producing more than you consume?
  2. Review your current electricity consumption: do you use power during the day or at night?
  3. Speak to a ZEN Energy consultant to understand which storage options would integrate into your current system, and whether you need additional solar panels installed to make this work.
  4. Let your ZEN consultant show you the payback period you could achieve and the expected savings to your energy costs over the years to come.


Solar Victoria is supporting eligible Victorian households to install a solar battery, by providing a point of sale discount up to a maximum of $3,500.

Solar battery rebates are available in every Victorian postcode. See scheduled rebate release dates.

Applicants can arrange to have their solar PV panels and battery installed at the same time. However, applicants can only apply for one Solar Victoria rebate.

Interest-free loans are not available under the solar battery rebate.

Learn more:

New South Wales

The New South Wales Government offer, helps homeowners in eligible postcodes access interest-free loans to install solar battery systems. You can get an interest-free loan of up to $14,000 for a solar and battery system and up to $9,000 for a battery retrofit system. You can get clean, renewable energy, cut your power bills and become more self-sufficient.Learn more:

If you have a battery connected to your solar system, you may be able to have some electricity in the event of a blackout. However, the exact amount of energy you will have, what you can power, and for how long will vary from system to system.