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Commercial Battery Storage

Reduce your carbon impact, unlock the extra value being created by your onsite solar and future proof your business

Lower your carbon footprint
Reduce your organisation’s carbon footprint by storing excess solar energy and using it when you need it.
Unlock extra value for your organisation
Partner with ZEN Energy and unlock more value by using your battery for other market services such as frequency control.
Be a renewable energy leader
Stand out from the pack, using the latest technology to lower your carbon footprint and prepare for the zero-carbon world.
ZEN Energy Commercial Battery Storage
Protect your organisation from escalating energy costs, future proof your on-site solar system and secure electricity back-up for your critical operations.

ZEN’s Energy Storage enables you to combine large amounts of stored energy from inexpensive off-peak and renewable sources with smart technology that can forecast energy usage and optimises how stored energy is used.

This enables you to use your own energy at times of peak demand. These ‘peak shaving’ events give you more control over your organisation’s electricity usage from your retailer, lowering peak demand charges and reducing energy costs.

ZEN Energy is a triple ISO accredited business with current accreditations for ISO 9001, 14001 and 45001. ZEN will deliver sustainable, safe and high-quality battery storage solutions for your organisation.

Trusted by some Australia’s largest companies
We’ve been operating since 2004 and have completed over 35,000 solar and battery installation systems.

ZEN Energy is triple ISO accredited with ISO 9001, ISO 14001 & ISO 45001. We’re extremely proud to have designed and installed the South Australian Government’s Battery Storage Demonstration project and other commercial batteries including a 1MW Tesla Powerpack for Electrolux. Unlock the full potential of the commercial roof-top solar with a ZEN Energy Battery Storage system.


Our customers are renewable energy leaders. These are their stories.

Commercial Battery Storage

Tesla Megapack

Megapack is designed for utilities and large-scale commercial customers. Our team of experts will work with you to identify custom site needs, and design a solution to maximise project values across multiple applications.

Every Megapack arrives pre-assembled and pre-tested in one enclosure from Tesla’s Gigafactory—including battery modules, bi-directional inverters, a thermal management system, an AC main breaker and controls. No assembly is required, our team will look after getting it in place and wiring it into your electrical system.

Renewable Smoothing
Smooth out the intermittency of renewables by storing and dispatching when needed.

Capacity SupportDischarge at times of peak capacity to reduce demands.
Market Participation
Provide service to the grid in response to signals sent by system operators such as ZEN Energy.

Frequency Regulation
Through ZEN’s EnergyFlex program, your organisation can help maintain grid stability by rapidly changing charge or discharge power in response to changes in grid frequency.

Tesla Powerwall

Product Overview

Sleek design. The world’s most popular battery! Install up to 5 Powerwalls together.

Product Description

Reliable – backup power included as standard
Flexible – mounted on wall or ground
Safe – water resistant & dust proof enclosure, no live wires or dangerous vents

  • Liquid thermal control system, with software that intelligently dispatches electricity when it’s needed most.
  • Powerwall detects an outage, disconnects from the grid, and automatically restores power to your business in a fraction of a second.
  • Remote software updates are constantly improving your system.
  • Seamlessly monitor and manage your system with the Tesla app.

Storage Capacity



Clean Energy Council Approved




Appropriate sizing of a battery is dependent on its desired use case within your business.

For example, if your battery is intended to capture surplus solar otherwise exported to the grid, then a battery can be sized to take advantage of this use case. If your battery is intended to provide blackout support for a certain length of time, then it would require a different approach to determining the appropriate size. Other use cases exist and due to the complex nature of batteries within a business, it is best to reach out to a trusted expert who can understand your business needs and present an option linked to your specific business objective.

Batteries can be used in multiple ways to create multiple value streams for your business. The greater the number of use cases that can be applied, the greater than value that can be extracted. For example a business can use a battery to:

  • Increase solar self-consumption
  • Back-up supply in the event of a blackout
  • Shave Peaks in energy demand
  • Energy arbitrage (charge in Off Peak and discharge in Peak)
  • Leverage market interfacing opportunities

The benefits are site specific and driven by the battery use case. Our experts can assist in determining the benefits specific to your business.

Storing Solar Energy

Adding battery storage to your on-site solar system will enable your organisation to capture any excess renewable energy being generated by your solar system and then use that energy for your business operations when your demand is higher than your solar can generate, or when the sun is not shining. This reduces the amount of fossil fueled energy you purchase from the grid, reducing your overall carbon footprint.

As part of a 100% renewable energy contract with ZEN

By combing battery storage with a 100% renewable contract with ZEN, we can unlock further value from your solar and battery system by using it to manage your overall load.

Buy Renewable Energy
Be a leader in the zero-carbon world. Speak to a member of our team to learn how.