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Project Summary 
System size72.75kWp
Panel Type250W ET Solar
InvertersSMA 12000TL-10, SMA 15000TL-10, SMA 17000TL-10, SMA 6000TL-10, SMA 7000TL, SMA 8000TL
Financial / Environmental Highlights 
Estimated payback period-
Levelised cost of energy (25 years) c/kWh-
First year C02e reduction (kg)-

About the project

Since its energy efficiency upgrades, 1 King William Street has become the benchmark for sustainable commercial buildings in South Australia. By utilising several initiatives, 1 King William Street has reduced its operating costs, whilst significantly reducing its impact on the environment and becoming a pioneer for sustainable commercial buildings.

Designing the project

Because of the tight roof space, 1 King William Street needed a carefully designed solution that could maximise generation within the confining area. ZEN’s expert team successfully designed and installed a 72.75kW system, using 291 x 250W ET Solar panels. The system uses SMA inverters to enable high energy yield and SMA monitoring to make sure the system is operating efficiently.

How the system works

The ZEN solar energy system feeds into a wider whole-of-building strategy that the building owners Anvil Capital and consultants Lucid Consulting took to improve the total energy efficiency of the building.

The building has an impressive Sustainable Energy System (SES), which incorporates the following systems and technologies:

  • Roof-mounted solar energy system, provided and installed by ZEN Energy
  • Tri-generation plant including a natural gas generator and absorption chiller
  • Replacement of existing chiller with a high efficiency, magnetic bearing ‘frictionless’ type chiller
  • Upgraded building management system (BMS) complete with intelligent, efficient control strategies
  • Outside air pre-conditioning cooling coils

The building owners also implemented a facade cladding upgrade incorporating insulated panels and ‘sun hood’ shading devices, green walls and LED lighting throughout the building, and a roof-mounted weather station to influence building heating and cooling strategies.

Project outcomes

The implementation of these whole-of-building measures, including the ZEN Energy solar energy solution covering the roof of the building, has provided the following energy efficiency improvements:

  • 73% reduction of base building electricity consumption
  • 46% low carbon energy contribution to overall energy needs
  • 69% reduction in annual base building greenhouse gas emissions
  • 28% reduction in electrical peak demand

The environmental results achieved by the building design, including the effects of the ZEN solar energy systems installed on the roof, have also been recognised with the Partner of the Year Award in the 2017 Carbon Neutral Adelaide Awards, recognising the most significant carbon emissions reduction achievement in the City of Adelaide.

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