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Fed up with paying thousands of dollars each year to their electricity supplier, Brian and Elaine Macdonald decided to invest in a home solar system so they could make their own energy, for free, from the sun.

“We decided to go with ZEN because we had been to several other places but ZEN seemed to really help us to know all about solar power,” Elaine says.

“Their staff actually explained everything whereas other companies did not so ZEN seemed by far the better company to go with.”

Brian says ZEN’s service since they signed with the company had been impeccable.

“Three highly qualified and professional installers turned up on time to install our system and they told us they would have it finished that night,” he says.

“The next morning we had our 16 panel system connected and all ready to go.”

Brian says installing a home solar system makes economic sense.

“Previously we were giving all our money back to our electricity supplier.”

“Now we’re on track to pay off our system in less than five years, and then start making money from our electricity.”

Elaine urged anyone considering solar to go for it.

“Don’t think of the initial cost of the system because what you save in your electricity bills in the end will pay for the system,” she says.

And if you go solar, she adds, you’ll feel less guilty using electricity in your own home.

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