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ZEN Energy installed a 5.4kW ZEN Premium solar solution at Clare and Warren’s Woodside home in the Adelaide foothills. The solution is helping Clare and her husband Warren significantly reduce their energy bills and become eco-friendlier, investing in their family’s future.

About the Project

Clare and Warren live in their family home nestled within the beautiful Adelaide foothills town of Woodside.

With a toddler in tow and having moved from a smaller home a year and a half earlier, Clare and Warren saw moving into their forever home as the perfect opportunity to invest in their future and make the move to solar.

As Clare puts it, “It’s a good long-term investment, it makes sense. You know, living in Australia with hot summers, you can earn so much from all your energy, I definitely think it’s worth it.”

And with another child on the way, Clare and Warren are conscious of doing their part for the environment and for future generations, In a way that also helped their hip pocket.

“We thought we could invest some money into getting solar to make our lives a bit more financially easy with bills in the long run. We also wanted to be more eco-friendly.”

Installing the Project

Clare did her research before choosing her solar provider, making sure she followed her rule of “getting 3 quotes for everything”. However, ZEN’s “amazing” customer service, glowing recommendations and competitive pricing gave Clare the peace of mind she needed to make her final decision.

“ZEN’s customer service blew other companies out of the water. A few of the other quotes from the manufacturers or the people selling them were quite pushy.”

But Clare went on to say that ZEN’s above and beyond service and excellent Australian-based support didn’t stop there.

“We also had a lot of trouble with our electricity provider in getting our meter upgraded, and ZEN were instrumental in helping to get that resolved. ZEN did a lot of running around behind the scenes calling our electricity provider to get that sorted, so that was really good.”

Like many other homeowners, Clare loved the benefits that solar would provide her home and family, but wasn’t too keen on the idea of her solar panels being visible from the street. ZEN’s expert team worked with Clare to address her concerns, and designed a ZEN Premium solution that could not only meet her energy needs, but also remain unseen from the street.

As Clare explains “ZEN showed us we could put the panels on so they weren’t street frontage, so they wouldn’t be so obvious and quite tucked away, that was something I really liked.”

Project Outcomes

Before having her ZEN Premium solar solution installed, Clare described life in one way, “Expensive. Especially here in the hills, winter was really expensive”.

“We have a dryer because we’ve got little kids, and a dishwasher and our bills were getting a bit out of control.”

Since installing their ZEN Premium solar solution, Clare has been able to be “a bit more chilled” and is enjoying the peace of mind of running her appliances during the day.

“I’m a stay at home mum mostly, so I run all of my appliances during the day when the sun’s out, so I already think oh wow, if I use the dishwasher or big consuming appliances, I’m actually saving money.”

“We’re definitely looking forward to the summer months, but we’ve noticed a definite drop in our bills already.”

Clare enjoys the flexibility of her ZEN Premium solar solution and it’s ability to have a battery connected to it at a later stage, something she and Russel are hoping to add one day.

“We’re really looking forward to perhaps getting some storage when we have a bit more money saved as well, so we know we’re getting the most benefit from our system. “

On a final note, Clare said she loves to recommend ZEN to anyone she can.

“I’ve recommended ZEN to a few friends and even on a few Facebook groups, when I see people are looking at solar I’ll comment “get in touch with ZEN!”.

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