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Rachel Coghlan loves that since she and husband Pat installed a ZEN Energy solution in 2011, she can turn on her heater without feeling guilty.

“Once we put the panels in, the feeling that I have about our power usage really changed,” Rachel says.

“Now I can turn on a switch, I can put on appliances, or better still, I can put on the heater and not feel guilty about it because I know we are making our own energy by using the sun and not using up fossil fuels that are so precious to us.”

Rachel and Pat installed 10 panels on the roof of their Victor Harbor home in 2011.

“We did an extension on our property and we were using quite a bit of electricity and we thought it would be a good opportunity to move over to renewable energy rather than using fossil fuels,” Rachel says.

“Pat is an Australian archer and he runs an online archery business – which supplies most of Australia with archery gear – from a shed on our block. We wanted the panels to cover our home’s energy use, and some of the shed.” 

“ZEN were efficient, they were professional, they got back to us really quickly, and they were not demanding when they came to look at our property,” Rachel says.

“They guided us through the process rather than just telling us and that made us feel comfortable and trusting so it was a real positive process for us. We had no idea that it was such a science coping with sun direction, obstacles like shade and existing roof materials, so to have experts just come in and solve those issues was a relief.”

Rachel says a friend visiting who has also installed a solar system insisted on reading their meter to compare.

“He just started laughing, that laugh of disbelief,” she says.

“He was cross with himself because of how much more power and efficiency our system was displaying compared to his. My husband just sat back and grinned.”

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