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ZEN Energy installed a ZEN Hybrid 5.94kW solar and 7kWh energy storage system at Rob Catchlove’s Brunswick West home in suburban Melbourne. The solution is helping Rob and his family transition to a 100% electric and renewable lifestyle while significantly reducing their bills.

About the Project

Rob lives with his wife and children in Brunswick West, Victoria. As an environmental consultant, Rob is very passionate about sustainability and has been determined to transition his house to be fully electric and powered by renewables, eliminating the need for gas and reducing his family’s reliance on the electricity grid.

Rob’s main goal for installing a ZEN Hybrid solar and storage solution was to become as grid-independent as possible while lowering his environmental impact and energy bills.

“Fundamentally, it was about how do we transition to a pure electric house, a house that can be 100% electric and as close to being 100% renewable with our own local system. And since we installed a larger ZEN system, we’re very close to doing this.”

Installing the Project

When it came to selecting a solar and energy storage provider, Rob was very thorough to select the right installation company, as well as the products that would best match his needs.

“We looked at a few companies, and there’s obviously many, many in the market doing this sort of stuff, but ZEN presented the most compelling and trustworthy case.”

Through the entire process, ZEN confirmed their actions to Rob that he was making the right choice.

“ZEN came across as the most reliable and provided a decent quote as well, it was really competitive.”

The solution ZEN Energy provided for Rob’s house was sized to match his family’s typical energy needs of around 10kWh/day and the times of day they used the most energy. ZEN analysed his home’s energy bills over a 12-month period to ensure that the amount of solar on his roof and the size of his battery were enough to match his energy needs.

This approach, as ZEN does with every customer, ensured that Rob received a quality system with the shortest possible payback and longer warranties up to 25 years, across the SolarEdge components.

Combining Tier 1 Jinko solar panels with an LG Chem battery enables Rob and his family to time-shift their energy when they need it most, making them energy self-sufficient. All controlled by the brains of a SolarEdge StorEdge hybrid inverter, this enables Rob and his family to check their energy generated; self-consumption and battery charge; grid usage; and overall consumption through the SolarEdge monitoring portal.

Rob’s ZEN Hybrid solar and energy storage solution has given his family a market-leading solution that is one of the most cost-effective on the market. Every ZEN Hybrid solar and energy storage system includes blackout power as standard, allowing you to run essential loads like fridges, lights and power points whenever the grid goes down; enabling Rob and his family to be energy independent. And it’s made for the outdoors too – built to withstand the rigours of weather and climate, giving you increased flexibility to place your system outside when others cannot.

Once choosing ZEN as his family’s provider, the process from design to install was smooth and stress-free.

“ZEN’s installers were very good, once the time was booked in and ready to go, in it went. It all went really well.”

Project Outcomes

Grid electricity usage data from before and after Rob Catchlove’s ZEN Hybrid installation. Note the significant reduction in grid electricity use from July onwards when Rob’s ZEN solution was installed, as Rob’s family become more energy self-sufficient and less reliant on the grid.


Since installing their system with ZEN, Rob and his family are coming significantly closer to achieving their goals.

“The house is 100% electric now, it’s completely disconnected from gas, and the solar and battery are providing around 90% of the electricity.” He also added, “Some stage down the track, we hope to have an electric car as well.”

Because of the business Rob runs, he now often recommends ZEN to his own clients.

“If I have a particular project, particularly at a residential scale, if there’s an opportunity to put on solar or add a battery for the client that I’m working with then yeah, I recommend ZEN.”

On a final note, Rob had a message for those considering solar and storage.

“We now know that renewable energy is a far cheaper way to deliver electricity to a house or commercial building, so really, you’d be crazy not to.”

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