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Robert and Vicki Ryan saw installing their home solar system as the only way they could protect themselves from ever rising electricity costs.

“Everybody needs to examine their own circumstances but with the cost of electricity rising, we saw solar panels as the only way to insulate ourselves from those ever escalating power costs,” Robert says.

Making the decision to install solar, the Ryans did their research but found they could not go past ZEN.

“We decided to go with ZEN because they offered us good service and we were very impressed with the quality of the products they provided,” Robert says.

Vicki adds: “From the time we purchased the system it was not very long before they put it in.” 

“ZEN’s installers came in, they were clean, they were quick and efficient, in fact I did not know they were there half the time installing it.” “And then when they left they took all their rubbish with them and we would not have known anyone had come.”

Vicki says generating their own energy from the sun allows her to have as many lights as she wants on at home, without feeling guilty.

“I’m a lights person, and because my husband was an electrician, I have got every light that I possibly can in the house,” she says.

“Previously my husband would complain about the lights being on but now we know we’re not really paying for it, the complaints have stopped which I think is wonderful.”

She says it’s also reassuring knowing she can heat and cool her home without the fear of receiving an enormous electricity bill.

Robert says aside from the economic benefits that have flowed since installing solar, it was a great feeling knowing he is helping the environment.

“We’re looking at this as our little contribution to offsetting the greenhouse gas emissions and helping our planet and making it a better place for our children,” he says.

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