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ZEN Energy installed a 9.1kW ZEN Premium solar solution at Steve Macintyre’s beautiful Athelstone home in the north-eastern suburbs of Adelaide. The solution is helping Steve and his family significantly reduce their energy bills, taking the pressure off rising electricity prices.

About the Project

Steve Macintyre, married to Judy and with two kids Mitch and Stephanie, works as a Regional Director for an insurance company. Whilst daughter Stephanie has already flown the coop, Steve, Judy, and Mitch all live in a beautiful Athelstone home that was built for them around 30 years ago.

Like many Australian families, the Macintyres had started to notice their price of electricity rising and the bigger and bigger energy bills that were coming with it. As the price rises started to bite, Steve began investigating solar to see if it could relieve some of the pressure.

“The main instigator for us was the cost of our electricity bills. Our electricity bills ranged anywhere from $1600 up to $2200 per quarter and that was just becoming ridiculously expensive, to the extent where it was causing some issues.”

Installing the Project

When searching for a company he and his family could trust for their solar energy needs, Steve received a glowing recommendation about ZEN Energy from one of his friends. After giving ZEN Energy a call, he quickly realised he was talking to a company he could trust and he decided he didn’t have to search any further. ZEN became the first and last solar provider he’d call.

“People that I know have used ZEN and were very happy with them. I saw ZEN to be a brand that I could trust, so I went to ZEN and I was very happy with the sales consultant that provided me the quote. I thought the quote was quite reasonable, so ZEN ended up being the only provider I went to.”

When asked about why he hadn’t gone with solar sooner, Steve listed one main concern that many people share.

“The main concern was really whether it would work to the extent that we hoped, and whether it would provide the savings we were looking for.

“Clearly the outlay for a system is a reasonable figure, so to find that it didn’t work or didn’t provide the return on investment was always going to be a concern.”

But after presenting Steve with a quote that showed realistic and transparent facts, figures and pricing, ZEN’s expert energy consultant was able to swiftly address Steve’s concerns to help him make the right decision.

“You could see that the ZEN solar system would quite easily be repaid within a very short period of time. So from a business point of view, it seemed like a very good investment!”

Project Outcomes

Since having their ZEN Premium system installed, Steve and his family are reaping the benefits in a big way, achieving massive savings and slashing their energy bills by around 90%.

“I’ve had two full bill periods with the ZEN solar installed. In the first period, last year before the solar it was $1580 odd and this year it was $125. And then the second period, it was $1780 odd last year before the solar, and it was $200 dollars this year with the solar. See what I mean about the return on investment!

“I’m saving roughly $1500 dollars a quarter, so I’ve saved $3000 already in 6 months, so I’m going to pay the system off in 2 years. In 2 years, I’ve paid it off, and the thing will then only continue saving us money for many years to come.”

For Steve, the only thing as good as his new energy bill was his experience with ZEN.

“I found dealing with ZEN Energy to be a very, very pleasant experience. All the people I dealt with from the sales team, to the installers, to the after-sales service people, they were all so helpful, I couldn’t fault them in any way.

“I’m very happy with the level of service.”

Steve went on to say his experience and outcomes were so great, he’s gone on to recommend ZEN to others.

“I’ve recommended ZEN to a number of people now. Knowing I had solar installed, a lot of people would ask about the results, and because my bills have shown such a dramatic decrease, they’ve been very interested in who installed the system for me, and so I’ve gone on to highly recommended ZEN to each of those people.”

Follow Steve and choose a company that offers outstanding choice and service.

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