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Take your whole home or property off grid with ZEN Energy

The days of having to go without when you live off grid are well and truly gone, thanks to off grid energy storage options from ZEN Energy.

Whether you are looking to go off grid in the suburbs, build a new home on pristine land off the energy grid, or need to power your remote or rural property out on the land, ZEN has a solution to suit you with the ZEN Freedom PowerBank.

The ZEN Freedom PowerBank is the perfect partner for the modern home or property owner seeking to take control of their power. It has all the smarts needed to control backup tools such as a generator so you can run your home day and night on clean green solar electricity. This system is designed and made directly by ZEN Energy, and is your choice for when you want a premium energy storage solution that can give you full backup power when the grid goes down.

ZEN Energy are leaders in the off grid energy storage market, with years of experience and systems installed in suburban, regional, and remote areas across Australia. Our team of consultants, designers, and electricians have helped people go or remain off grid in all sorts of circumstances, and with the right roof space and budget you could go off grid too.

The ZEN Freedom PowerBank has helped people say goodbye to their energy retailers in the suburbs, helped others build their dream home on pristine land off the energy grid, and helped rural and remote properties from the Kimberleys to the Flinders Ranges and beyond upgrade their energy needs to world leading technology.

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