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Calculated site energy savings since installation *

* The South Australian government currently pays a 'flat' electricity tariff, which is not typical for most local businesses. For demonstration purposes, this website has assumed the more common tariffs of 20 cents per kWh peak and 10 cents per kWh off peak. Therefore, the cost savings shown here do not reflect the actual savings at the sites.

SiteSystem PowerSystem Storage
Art Gallery of South Australia22.5kW64kWh
City of Adelaide Works Depot22.5kW64kWh
Adelaide High School88kW184kWh
State Library of South Australia88kW276kWh


Each site was prioritised by ZEN Energy, in conjunction with the Government of South Australia and the City of Adelaide, as offering high demonstration value for the State, and having the opportunity to achieve significant energy cost savings through reducing their maximum energy demand.

Each demonstration system is comprised of Selectronic or Parker inverters and LG Chem lithium-ion batteries, connected to the existing electrical equipment. Each system is then controlled and managed by GreenSync PeakResponseTM software platform, to smartly manage the energy needs of the site and deliver demand management peak shaving capabilities.

What is the role of energy storage in managing electricity costs?

Many commercial and industrial businesses purchase their electricity at variable pricing based on their demand. Typically, pricing during peak demand hours is the highest. Businesses often have little control over when they use electricity and their resulting peak demand charges, and may be unable to manage their energy use and costs by reducing or stopping business operations.

Smart energy storage changes all of this. Businesses can combine large amounts of stored energy from inexpensive off-peak and renewable sources with smart technology that forecasts energy usage and optimises how the stored energy is used. This system gives businesses the potential to use their own stored energy instead of drawing from the grid at times of peak demand.

These ‘peak shaving’ events give businesses greater control of their electricity usage needs from their retailer, lowering their peak demand charges and relieving some of their energy costs.

See how large-scale energy storage impacts our demonstration sites.

State Library of South Australia

Art Gallery of South Australia

Adelaide High School

City of Adelaide Works Depot

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