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How To Save Money On Your Energy Bill With Solar Storage


In Australia, we’ve been talking about the benefits of going solar for years.

Most people are aware of the reasons why using solar power and battery storage are a positive choice, but did you know that it’s actually cheaper to get started than you might think?

With energy bills from traditional retailers only increasing, now is the best time to look into installing a solar power & battery storage system. There are a number of ways to make solar power not only affordable, but less expensive than getting your power from the grid.

Financial Benefits of Installing Solar Battery Storage:

As technology develops, we continue to seek ways to better use it to our advantage.

The financial advantage of solar power & battery storage is substantial in the long term. While you’ll start seeing lower costs on your energy bills from day 1, solar power and batteries show a return on your investment within months of installation.

The initial outlay can be enough to bring some people to pause, but the benefits of freeing up capital for future years could be huge, particularly in an energy market with inbuilt price rises.

What Can Solar & Battery Storage Do To My Energy Bill?

The effect that solar & battery storage can have on your energy bill  depends on a number of factors, including which system you choose, how much energy you use, and which solar company you go with.

For a family currently paying around 35c per kWh on normal grid electricity today, adding 6kW of solar panels and a 10kWh battery to their house can save you around $5.50 a day and around $2000 a year. At that’s just for an average family that uses most of their energy at night!

In general, a residential solar energy system without batteries has a roughly three to five year payback. If you bundle a battery into your system at the same time, your complete solar & battery storage solution could pay itself back in roughly 7 to 8 years. That’s on top of cutting your bills in half or even more throughout that time!

You can also feel good about the effects using solar energy has on the planet. Cutting down on carbon emissions from traditional energy producers is a saving the whole planet can appreciate.

Financing Options for Solar Energy

The cost of installing solar and batteries up-front can seem overwhelming, and not everyone can afford the large outlay. Sticking with the status quo and getting energy from the grid seems like the cheaper or easier option, even if over the lifetime of your home, you’ll spend more.

When people first come to us seeking financing options, we always say, look to your mortgage. Adding a small amount to your home loan is unlikely to substantially increase your repayments.

By simply taking the savings you get from converting to solar power and putting that little bit towards your mortgage, you can pay less on power bills and increase the value of your home at the same time. Increasing your mortgage payments as you decrease your power bills increases your equity in your home, and helps you to pay it off faster.

We also have options to help families get started with their new solar energy system. At ZEN Energy in Adelaide, we believe that everyone should have the opportunity to get on board with solar energy storage. Our team can talk to you about the finance options available so that you can avoid the large initial investment and pay an agreed amount each month, in addition to paying less on your electricity bills over the system’s lifetime.

Solar Energy Financing Options at ZEN Energy in Adelaide

At ZEN Energy, we can put you in touch with low-cost consumer financing options. If you have questions about financing a solar energy system, contact our friendly, knowledgeable team for a chat.

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If you’re not sure about switching to solar energy, contact us today! You may be in an area where we’re running a large-scale community program. If you’re not sure – call us now and ask!

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