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Key Benefits

The ZEN Sonnen Storage System offers you Europe’s best selling all-in-one storage system, with over 30,000 units already sold to date.

Combining beautiful design with German quality, the sonnenBatterie is sleek and compact for unobtrusive installation. And it learns on the job, understanding how you use energy in order to maximise self-consumption. With a ZEN Sonnen Storage system, you could save hundreds on your quarterly electricity bills and use your own renewable energy 24 hours a day.

As with every ZEN Energy solution, the ZEN Sonnen Storage range is also backed by Australian-based customer support direct from ZEN Energy. We are your first point of contact for any questions or claims.

With a ZEN Energy designed sonnen solution, you can also apply for the sonnenFlat program, saving you potentially thousands of dollars on your yearly electricity bills. Find out how sonnenFlat could help you say goodbye to conventional retailers and their rising costs!

  • Europe's best selling all-in-one storage system, with over 30,000 units already sold to date.
  • Everything you need - battery modules, battery inverter, intelligent energy manager and the software to keep it all running smoothly - all in the one sleek unit.
  • Simply plug and play to add additional storage as your demand increases. The sonnenBatterie is expandable in blocks of 2kWh.
  • With sonnen as an official ZEN Technology Partner, you can have peace of mind that ZEN will design and install your sonnenBatterie system in a way that matches your exact requirements


System sizes - single phase 5kWh, 7.5kWh, 10kWh, 12.5kWh, or 15kWh
Maximum continuous power 2.5kW (5kWh system), 3.3kW (all other systems)
System sizes - three phase 4kWh, 6kWh, 8kWh, 10kWh, 12kWh, 14kWh, or 16kWh
Maximum continuous power - three phase 2.0kW (4kWh system), 2.5kW (all other systems)
Maximum solar input Unlimited
Product warranty 10 years
Battery warranty 10 years
ZEN Installation Warranty 5 years

Outstanding German battery storage to power your home 24 hours a day.

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