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ZEN Energy Education
with Solar SchoolS

ZEN Energy is the exclusive partner for Solar Schools in South Australia bringing an Australian curriculum-aligned innovative education program to schools using real-time solar and electricity usage data. The educational platform makes it easy to bring energy to life in the classroom, providing the tools and resources teachers need to turn energy concepts into real, actionable insights for students. Educating students on climate change, renewable energy, energy efficiency, and carbon reduction strategies.

  • School Portal – Track, visualise and analyse your school’s energy data over days, months, seasons and years.
  • Engine Room – Online tools explore and understand your school’s energy use through energy management and site configuration tools.
  • Planet Watch – Gamify learning with this fun iPad app that helps students understand the impacts of energy consumption.
  • LED In-School Energy Display – Keep energy top-of-mind by displaying your data on an LED display in your school.
  • Teacher’s Toolkit – Detailed lesson plans, and student activities for all year levels. Find out more here.


Smart energy meters enable us to access data on your school’s solar energy system which create the platform for education-based learning. ZEN Energy in conjunction with partners WattWatchers can offer subsidised smart energy meters to schools through the Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) grant funding.  Once your school has both solar and a smart energy device you are ready to access inspiring energy education to empower your students.


Meaningful data will show energy usage and production as well as CO2 produced and saved in an easy to read portal. This can be displayed on any screen at your school. By displaying this information, your school can raise awareness and act by reducing energy wastage, decreasing electricity costs, and create long term energy-saving habits.

Real-time data ensures reporting is always current and accurate. Simple graphs report on daily, weekly, monthly, and lifetime data. This long-term view allows insights into the effects of weather, indicates peak energy consumption habits, and displays your CO2 footprint.


Planet Watch brings energy to life and makes real-time energy data fun and interactive. Each school is represented by a planet in the Solar Schools solar system and students (and educators) can search and compare their school’s performance with other schools in the program. We can even build a school community where families with solar can be part of the school planet, subject to having the smart meter installed.


Sustainability through technology and education for the next generation of young Australians. If your school does not have solar energy or you would like to upgrade your system with battery storage, we can help! As a born and bred South Australian solar & battery specialist, we will develop the ideal solution matched to your school’s needs. Our passion is helping our community be more sustainable while educating the next generation.


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