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Say goodbye to conventional power bills with ZEN and sonnenFlat

sonnenFlat allows you to take control of your energy future with a flat monthly fee that can save you thousands

  • Reduce your electricity costs to a known monthly fee
  • An energy package to make the most of your ZEN sonnen and solar system
  • Control your energy costs against rising energy prices
  • Improve the payback time of your ZEN sonnen system

sonnenFlat is the ideal addition to your ZEN sonnen and solar system. sonnenFlat will enable you to become independent from conventional retailers and access your electricity needs for a low monthly fee that covers your energy charges and fixed supply charges. In return, some of the energy your battery generates becomes part of a community to help stabilise the energy grid.

Find out more about how sonnenFlat works on our blog.

With sonnen as an official ZEN Technology Partner, only ZEN Energy has the expertise to select a ZEN sonnen system and sonnenFlat package to perfectly match your requirements. Combine sonnenFlat with ZEN Energy for ongoing energy savings from a proven and reliable Australian team.

Find out more about saying goodbye to conventional power bills with ZEN and sonnenFlat