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We're more than just a brand.

Our Energy Consultants care about securing your energy future. Through understanding how you use energy now and into the future, ZEN can design, install, and maintain a renewable energy solution for your home or business. We pride ourselves on working transparently with our customers, providing the highest standards of customer service and installation, and offering Australia’s best solar energy and energy storage solutions.

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Proudly Australian

ZEN Energy is proudly Australian, and has been since our beginnings in 2004.

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Solar & storage experts

With over 10 years experience, we’re specialists in our field, and we know solar & battery storage back to front.

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A solution designed specifically for you

We find out how much energy you use, when you use it, and what you pay, then design a system specifically to suit your needs.

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We won’t lock you in

When you install a solar & storage system with ZEN Energy, we won’t lock you in to any ongoing contracts or agreements.

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ZEN Technology Partners

After rigorous testing, only the best products and companies are welcomed to the fold as ZEN Technology Partners.

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Australian-based customer support

ZEN Energy’s Australian-based customer support team are your first point of contact for any questions or claims.

Our History

The name ZEN represents “Zero ENergy” and embodies our aim to provide the best possible balance between energy generation and demand.

The word is of ancient Chinese origin (cha’an) and was adapted by the Japanese in their teaching of self-contemplation with the goal of achieving pure enlightenment.

Our mission is to continue showing customers ‘A New Way in a Zero Energy Environment’.

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ZEN Technologies (Power and Energy) Pty Ltd was established in 2004 to develop innovative and sustainable energy technologies.

As the founder of ZEN, Richard Turner first explored solar energy for his children’s cubby-house to power a light and television. He discovered there were all kinds of solar panels, inverters, components and other parts that had to be bought separately and pieced together like a puzzle.

With climate change becoming a reality, it seemed that an integrated and affordable solution would soon be needed. With considerable research, negotiating and identifying world-class componentry, ZEN created its first range of home solar systems. They were affordable, easy to install and integrated for optimum performance.

The first ZEN range included five system packages that could power anything from a partial home to nearly an entire home. This “Offset Range” was soon complemented by the “Whole Home” range, designed to power even more than an entire home and aligned to the feed-in tariffs in existence at the time.

ZEN had soon installed many new energy systems and also created a model for community installations. In early 2008, ZEN installed systems in 25 homes for the Mildura Buyers Group in Victoria.

Soon after, ZEN helped coordinate another community program in the Victorian shire of Towong for 400 homes. The project included a multi-award winning training program for local trades, the establishment of ZEN’s first regional operation in Albury and a scholarship program for secondary schools. In 2009, ZEN replicated its success in New South Wales and South Australia.

In 2010, ZEN also helped launch a joint Solar Community Program in South Australia. Led by Victor Harbor Council, the initiative was created for nine regional Councils creating a rapid uptake of solar home energy.

Businesses and farmers soon started seeing the benefits of large-scale solar energy leading to ZEN establishing its commercial solar energy team. Success of the division can be found in South Australia’s first Dual Axis Solar Tracking Farm. Likewise, the high-profile Visitor’s Centre at Jacob’s Creek Winery in the popular Barossa Valley wine region is powered by ZEN.

ZEN’s commercial energy team has gone on to provide many iconic installations around Australia including wineries, hotels and businesses across virtually all states and even including Australia’s National Golf Club on the Mornington Peninsula.

Our vision is to keep growing as Australia’s leading renewable energy brand, following our core values of:

  • Innovation and a thirst for learning
  • Striving for excellence and market leadership
  • Customer care and service
  • Trust and respect
  • Honesty and integrity

Supported by the highest standards of customer service and installation, ZEN will continue to design, install, and support Australia’s best solar energy and energy storage systems, produced by and in conjunction with the world’s leading component manufacturers.

In 2015, ZEN's next evolutionary step was taken

Through a major industry merger in October 2015, the new ZEN Energy emerged as Australia’s first dedicated Community Energy Provider. Our business model enables households, businesses and entire communities to be genuinely self-powered with cutting-edge technology backed by vast storage capacity. Renewable energy is delivered 24/7 via localised community power networks or directly into your property. It’s affordable. It’s clean. And ownership rests with the customer.

ZEN Energy provides and will continue to provide end to end solutions that deliver renewable energy generation through new and reformed power networks. Our solutions harness the latest in energy storage technology, with a future capacity to retail energy direct to consumers, commercial businesses, communities, townships and councils.

With ZEN leading the way, Australia’s energy transformation has truly begun.

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