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Key Benefits

The ZEN Freedom PowerBank is the perfect partner for the modern homeowner seeking to take control of their power.

Providing a complete pathway to going off-grid, this system is designed and made directly by ZEN Energy, and gives you the ability to store your excess solar energy during the day and use it at night when you need it most. The ZEN Freedom PowerBank is your choice for when you want a premium energy storage solution that can give you full backup power when the grid goes down.

As with every ZEN Energy solution, the ZEN Freedom PowerBank range is also backed by Australian-based customer support direct from ZEN Energy. We are your first point of contact for any questions or claims.

  • The ZEN Freedom PowerBank range is designed and built in Australia by ZEN Energy - Australian built for Australian conditions.
  • Each system is built with all the smarts needed to talk to an on-site generator, giving you enough technology and storage to go off-grid down the track if you want to.
  • Your PowerBank can provide an entire home with backup power if the grid goes down. Live like normal and run all your appliances even when your neighbours are in the dark.
  • The ZEN Freedom PowerBank has been reviewed and tested by electricity distributors and is durable enough for any environment, including remote communities, sheep and cattle stations, remote and coastal home, and even suburban properties.


System sizes 12.8kWh, 16kWh, 19.2kWh, and custom to suit
Maximum continuous power 5.0kW (upgradeable to 7.5kW for 19.2kWh system)
Maximum solar input Unlimited
Product warranty 5 years
Battery warranty 10 years
ZEN Installation Warranty 5 years

Find your energy freedom with a Freedom PowerBank today.

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