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Exploring Renewable Energy for Commercial Businesses and Landlords: Part 1

Over the next few weeks, Richard Turner, Founder and Director of Innovation at ZEN Energy, will be releasing a three-part blog series about Renewable Energy Options for Commercial Business Operators and Landlords. Together, we’ll explore the benefits of commercial solar and commercial energy storage for Australian businesses.

In parts one & two of the series, Richard will look at renewable energy options for commercial business operators and landlords. You’ll learn how to manage your energy position and combat the new electricity contracts that conventional energy retailers are starting to send through.

In part three, Richard explains the two components of a commercial electricity bill, and how to integrate smart commercial energy storage to lower your electricity bills. With smart batteries that can predict energy usage, commercial businesses can be benefit from this game changing technology.

Read on for more information about the commercial energy storage options available to businesses operating as owner-occupiers, and stay tuned for the next installments!

Managing your commercial energy position is now more important than ever

As new commercial electricity contracts come through at virtually double their existing rates, business operators across the country are seeking new ways to manage their energy usage.

With Australian business energy costs in such an unstable environment, it’s critical to stay up to date on how renewable energy costs and options compare to traditional energy costs.

To assist businesses who own the buildings they occupy, Richard takes us through the options on commercial solar, and important considerations when choosing a renewable energy provider.

Solar panels

Renewable energy options for commercial businesses operating as owner-occupiers

The size of commercial solar energy systems continues to grow, with numerous megawatt and above systems now being installed around Australia. With the cost of commercial solar energy equating to 4c per kWh or lower over the conservative life of the system, solar is now coming in at less than a quarter of the cost of traditional energy. An increasing number of companies are taking advantage of this “energy position”, securing their cost of that portion of energy produced by solar for the next 25 years.

While the potential savings are a great motivator, it’s equally important that the energy position taken by a commercial business also accounts for how, when, and why they use energy. This is because the component of total energy consumption serviced by solar will vary in accordance with:

  • The type of business
  • When they use power
  • How much power they use
  • What amount of suitable roof or ground space is available for solar panels.

Only an analysis by a suitably qualified and experienced commercial solar energy company will give you an insight into what proportion of the energy you consume could be managed by solar. If you choose to work directly with a solar company, this analysis will normally come at no charge to your business.

What to consider before choosing a renewable energy provider

It is critical to understand that across the solar and renewable energy industry, the adage of “you get what you pay for” is truer than ever. As a result, business owners should be mindful of how they choose a partner to enter the renewable energy arena.

Choose a partner that has a long history of professional service to the industry, as you’re choosing an energy partner for the life of the system. You want a solar energy company that will be available in 5, 10 or 20 years to help you with servicing, maintenance and updates. You should also choose a partner that has a full technology pathway from commercial solar energy and commercial energy storage through to demand management and a balance of power supply capability.

ZEN Energy is at the forefront of these technologies, and can offer our services not only to business owners, but also assist third parties such as professional accountants, business and energy consultants, and any other parties that may be working with you to control your energy costs.

For every commercial client, ZEN offers:


ZEN Energy offers not only quality products and world leading components, but also quality installation. All ZEN systems are expertly installed by Clean Energy Council accredited electricians for efficiency and reliability.


ZEN Energy asks the questions others might not to make sure the solar energy solution we design for you is engineered to be fit for purpose, technically sound, and in line with your goals. Not only will your commercial energy solution be designed specifically for your site, it will also be grounded in technical knowledge, ZEN’s engineering capacity, and our years of experience across Australia.


Through understanding your existing and forecasted energy consumption patterns, ZEN designs, installs, commissions, and maintains a tailored solution for your business. We pride ourselves on working transparently with our customers from feasibility through to project delivery. Our business is to focus on your energy, so your energy can focus on your business.

The next blog in our Renewable Energy Options for Commercial Business Operators and Landlords series discusses the ways that landlords and the businesses who operate as their tenants can tackle energy management and take advantage of renewable energy opportunities. Stay tuned!

To find out how your business could benefit from solar energy storage and management, request a callback from ZEN’s expert Commercial Energy team today!

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