Current Vacancies

Sorry we’re not looking for anyone right now, please check back soon or keep your eyes on LinkedIn or Seek as all our advertised positions will be listed on those sites.
Trading Analyst
Vennela Thottempudi

ZEN has an evolving and creative workplace with much to offer. At the end of the day, I feel happy to be part of an organisation that contributes to the environment.

Sustainability & Risk Analyst
Pierre Dao

I like working at ZEN because I feel empowered and encouraged to contribute to positive change for a sustainable future in Australia.

More than anywhere else,

I feel part of a team that is united by the same purpose.

Head of Zero Carbon Futures
Susannah Powell

ZEN doesn’t shy away from complexity or challenge and it is on the front foot.

General Manager, Brand & Marketing
Emily Kucukalic

Diversity to me is about diverse thought, opinions, perspectives, and insight. Healthy debate, alternative viewpoints, opening a window to let the fresh air in! Being open to learning from others is the path to true joy – one of ZEN’s core values.


The change that we want to make starts with our people. We abide by a set of robust and straightforward values:

  1. Bring ideas, curiosity and an open mind to everything.
  2. We deliver on our commitments and strive to lead in all we do.
  3. We laugh and bring joy to each other.

We currently have offices in Adelaide, Sydney and Melbourne, with business support capabilities in Brisbane. We are constantly expanding our client and partner base and are focused on growing throughout Australia.

We are proud of our culture and our conduct.

We have a very clear policy and code of conduct. This code covers the need to act ethically in all our business dealings,  in the communities we serve, our customers, suppliers, governments, and governing bodies.

Our code of conduct stipulates the need to act ethically in our dealings. It requires “honesty, respect, fairness and a courteous manner in all dealings with customers, clients, co-workers, suppliers, management and the general public;.”

Every team member is required to accept our code of conduct before commencing employment with the business. Any breach of this code is regarded as a breach of the employment contract.