Welcome to ZEN-A, ZEN Energy’s Women’s Network. Our mandate is to create a safe space that is culturally inclusive, enabling women to help each other and develop their professional career in our industry.​

A name that evokes strength, character, perseverance. The “A” stands for:

ZEN-A provides opportunities for mentorship, encouraging leadership development and engagement across our fast changing industry. Through supporting and championing women, we can all contribute to maintaining diverse and effective leadership teams at ZEN.

ZEN-A is a platform for accelerating the careers of women at ZEN, and engaging wholeheartedly with our industry. By connecting across our industry, we will accelerate change and help ZEN achieve its purpose – to lead communities into the zero-carbon world.

ZEN is an inclusive workplace where we cherish everyone’s individuality. We take inspiration from our First Nations sisters, where women’s business is meant to restore harmony, teaching women about the knowledge systems that each of them possess and building reciprocal relationships and responsibilities. Access to this knowledge is a gift and forms a contract of reciprocity. This is how we inspire ambition.