ZEN stands for ZERO EMISSIONS NOW. Not tomorrow.

Australia’s first electricity retailer to have a near-term science-based emissions reduction target in line with limiting global warming to 1.5°C. CLICK PLAY TO LEARN MORE.


At ZEN ENERGY, our purpose is to lead communities into the zero-carbon world.

Our social and environmental impact will continue well beyond our own lives.
Innovation is at the heart of changing the way that our industry works.
ZEN looks beyond the obvious and embraces new insights, opinions and concepts.
Australia’s first electricity retailer to have a near-term science-based emissions reduction target in line with limiting global warming to 1.5°C.

Australia’s first 1.5°C electricity retailer

ZEN Energy has released our 2023 ESG Report. Click the link below to read more about how we’re ensuring that we’re focused on providing value for the whole of the Australian community.

Our History


ZEN Energy Systems founded

ZEN Energy Systems was established in 2004 to develop innovative and sustainable energy technologies.

ZEN Energy Systems founder Richard Turner first explored solar energy from his suburban Adelaide home when he set out to power his children’s cubby-house. His project took him on a path of discovery. He found many options of solar panels, inverters, components, and other elements that had to be purchased to piece together the puzzle to create the solution.

With climate change becoming a reality, it seemed integration and an affordable solution needed to created. With considerable research, negotiating and identifying world-class componentry, ZEN Energy Systems was born and produced its first range of home solar systems. They were affordable, easy to install and integrated for optimum performance.


ZEN Energy become solar system leaders

ZEN Energy emerges as a leader in home solar systems.

Between 2004 and 2010, ZEN Energy developed its business model before launching its branded ZEN Home Energy System . At this time, the solar marker started to boom, and ZEN Energy grew a staggering 600%. Over the next two years.


ZEN Energy lead in solar battery storage

In what was described at the time as being five years ahead of the industry, ZEN Energy launched its ground-breaking  home solar battery storage system, the ZEN Freedom Powerbank.

At this time, ZEN was the South Australian market leader, with almost 40% more solar capacity installed than the closest competing installers.

ZEN was also developing its grid-scale battery storage technology and preparing to take it to market.


Ross Garnaut joins ZEN Energy

After ZEN’s significant success Ross Garnaut, Australia’s leading renewable energy economist invested in ZEN Energy and became ZEN Energy’s Chairman. 

In 2015 ZEN was approached by Professor Ross Garnaut. He was looking for an entity with the right people, brand, and technology to merge with his consulting business and create a platform to exploit the opportunity he saw for a new large-scale generator/retailer utilising a new low carbon generation base.

At this time, ZEN Energy obtained a retail electricity licence required to supply electricity to the National Energy Market.


Big battery strategy developed with the South Australian Government

Ross Garnaut and ZEN Energy worked with the South Australian Government to develop a plan to deliver the worlds first grid-scale battery project.

After a South Australian state-wide blackout, ZEN Energy and the South Australian Government developed the strategy that led to the development of the Hornsdale Battery project. At this time, it was the largest grid-scale battery globally and was an excellent example of what is possible when renewable energy is paired with energy storage.


ZEN Energy secures first major electricity customer

ZEN Energy is chosen by the SACOME Buyers Group in a landmark long term electricity contract. 

ZEN also won the contracts to supply electricity to the South Australian Government and several other large energy consumers. ZEN continued to install quality residential and commercial solar and battery systems, now with over 35,000 installations across Australia.


ZEN Energy growth continues with renewable offtake agreements

ZEN continues to grow its wholesale energy portfolio with several off-take agreements signed with some of Australia’s leading renewable energy projects. 

ZEN Energy won the contract to supply the CSIRO with 100% renewable energy to their VIC, ACT and NSW sites for the next ten years. CSIRO is the first Australian federal government organisation to sign a 100% renewable energy contract. ZEN Energy also extended its relationship with the South Australian Government, securing a new contract to supply all the State’s sites with electricity for a further ten years.


ZEN Energy secure their place as a leader in the zero-carbon world

ZEN Energy launched its refreshed brand and announced the mission to lead communities into the zero-carbon world.

ZEN gain further market share of the electricity market, have grown a strong team across two offices in Adelaide and Melbourne and entered into advanced negotiation with several new renewable energy projects across Australia.


Australia’s first 1.5°C electricity retailer

ZEN becomes Australia’s first electricity retailer to have a near-term science-based emissions reduction target in line with limiting global warming to 1.5°C.

We are now accelerating our investment in renewable electricity generation supporting 20 renewable energy power plants around Australia through power purchase agreements.


Launch of our Reconciliation Action Plan

ZEN’s journey to date has been focused on our mission to decarbonise our communities, now we start our journey of reconciliation with Australia’s First Peoples.

The Uluru Statement from the Heart invited Australians to walk with First Nations Peoples, ZEN gratefully and humbly accepts that invitation and seeks to work alongside Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders as we grow our business.

Zero Emissions Now.