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Calculate what you could save with a solar energy solution from ZEN Energy

I live in a
in the
and electricity is mainly used during the
My average daily peak energy usage in the last 12 months is
0 kWhs per day
and I want a solution that is sized for

You could save up to a year

We estimate you need:

Speak to a ZEN Energy consultant about a custom solution to suit your needs.

Solar energy helps reduce your carbon footprint

Our customers around Australia are already forecast* to offset around

tonnes of CO2 by using their own ZEN solar energy instead of the grid. Help us grow this number even further by partnering with ZEN for your home or business energy needs today.

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* Forecast based on total kilowatts of solar installed by ZEN Energy across Australia since 20th June 2016, estimated solar energy production of those installations, and weighted average CO2 emissions offset of full self-consumption of that production as per the Scope 2 Emissions Factors of the Australian Government National Greenhouse Accounts Factors.

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