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Today ZEN Energy wants to acknowledge International Women’s Day by celebrating the females in our community and recognising the outstanding ladies of ZEN Energy.

The 2021 theme is #choosetochallenge, so we asked our team what they #choosetochallenge. We were humbled by the challenges and aspirations they shared with us, which they have allowed us to share with you.

JESS: I #choosetochallenge mental health.

LARA: I #choosetochallenge being more sustainable in my home.

BIANCA: I #choosetochallenge to see every day as an opportunity to better myself by accomplishing milestones, mastering new skills and embracing change to make a better tomorrow.

BRONWYN: I #choosetochallenge the amount of time I make for myself and my own well being both mentally and physically in each week.

DENISE: I #choosetochallenge myself to play my first AFL game.

GABRIELLE: I #choosetochallenge my irrational fears when riding my bike.

DEVIKA: I #choosetochallenge myself to upskill on the new things which I think that I can’t do.

NEHA: My #choosetochallenge this year is to continue my fitness journey along with the ability to travel around Victoria with my better half!

LINH: My #choosetochallenge is to achieve a work-life balance.

NAT: This year, I want to prioritise putting as much effort into my mental health, general health, fitness, personal relationships as  I do into my work life and finding the right balance.

We hope asking the team to think about what they choose to challenge will help them achieve some of their goals, whether on the sports field or in the office or at home.

ZEN Energy has an arrangement with EFM Health clubs to run sessions for team members who would like to participate in group training. We hope this encourages some of our ladies to take some time out and focus on meeting some of those fitness goals.

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