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Greensmith Ontario power station

The Future of Grid-Scale Battery Storage in Australia

While a lot has been spoken about battery storage in recent times, it can still be difficult to understand the real benefits of how grid-scale storage might help Australia in the long run.

By connecting grid-scale storage to renewable energies like solar or wind, reliable storage has the potential to stabilise the grid and limit power price spikes when the sun doesn’t shine or the wind doesn’t blow.

Whilst the planning for this sort of technology is still ongoing in Australia, in America battery storage is already going grid-scale, with plants up to the size of football fields. And one key US company is behind much of it. That company is ZEN Energy partner, Greensmith Energy Management Systems.

John Jung, President and CEO of Greensmith, spoke to ABC National Radio’s RN Breakfast program recently on what is happening with grid-scale energy storage in America, how that could translate to Australia, and his predictions on what grid-scale storage could be doing in Australia within 3 to 5 years.

To listen to what the President and CEO of Greensmith, a ZEN Energy partner, had to say about the future of grid-scale battery storage in Australia, click here to be taken directly to a stream of the program via the RN Breakfast website.

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