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In 2020, we restructured ZEN Energy in a move about resetting what we stand for and restating who we are.

Resetting is not about change, for change’s sake. It is about taking our deep experience, providing renewable energy solutions to Australians and using the foundations of the past to propel us into the future. And that is a future of zero-carbon.

So this is is it. This is ZEN Energy, RESET.

We are a group of people who share a single common purpose – to lead communities into a zero-carbon world. All of us at ZEN believe in ZERO EMISSIONS NOW. To start now to create a better world for the next generation. If you are reading this – you are part of our tribe.

Join us as we RESET.

RESET how we build.
RESET how we contribute.
RESET how we do energy.

Welcome to the new ZEN Energy. Watch this space…

Zen Energy Logo
Zen Energy PTY LTD

Level 2, 134 Fullarton Road,
Rose Park
South Australia 5067