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The rooftop of the Tonsley Innovation Precinct

ZEN Energy Wins Contract for One Of Australia’s Largest Rooftop Solar Installations

ZEN Energy, a division of SIMEC Energy Australia, a member of Sanjeev Gupta’s global GFG Alliance, will soon start installing one of Australia’s largest rooftop solar arrays at Tonsley Innovation District in metropolitan Adelaide, following the signing of formal contracts earlier today.

At 2.34 megawatts in size and encompassing over 7,400 solar panels, the installation will also form the first stage of wider plans to deliver up to 6 megawatts of solar at the site as part of the Tonsley District Energy Scheme.

The contract win further cements ZEN Energy as a market leader in the installation of world class solar energy systems, as well as reconfirming Tonsley as a leader in renewable energy technology and the transition to a low carbon, clean energy future.


A landmark in Adelaide’s renewable energy future

Encompassing over 7,400 solar panels across the expansive eight-hectare roofs of Tonsley’s Main Assembly Building (MAB), the installation is expected to generate up to 3.2 million kilowatt hours of energy and offset as much as 3500 tonnes of carbon dioxide every year over its lifetime. The energy will be fed into a microgrid at the site, directly benefiting businesses and residents across Tonsley for years to come.

Notwithstanding that the 2.34 megawatt system will be one of Australia’s largest rooftop solar installations once completed, plans are already afoot to increase the solar capacity at the site to as much as 6 megawatts and over 20,000 solar panels as the district grows over time. The solar installation will work in conjunction with on-site battery storage and smart technologies as part of Enwave Australia’s Tonsley District Energy Scheme.

Installation of the solar array will begin soon and is expected to be fully completed by early next year. ZEN Energy will use a fully South Australian based workforce to deliver the installation.

SIMEC Energy Australia Chief Executive Officer Marc Barrington spoke of his pride in ZEN Energy, a division of SIMEC Energy Australia, starting work on the project and how it would serve as a landmark for similar installations in the future.

“We are extremely proud to have won the contract for this landmark energy project and to be delivering one of Australia’s largest rooftop solar arrays. Once it’s completed, our installation will work hand in hand with a range of other technologies in the Tonsley District Energy Scheme to showcase how the benefits of renewable energy can be integrated across an entire community.”

People walking through an internal forest underneath the MAB roof at the Tonlsey Innovation Precinct
Underneath the roof of the MAB atTonsley Innovation District, which is soon to be powered by ZEN Energy solar.

Continuing success for one of Australia’s most experienced solar energy companies

The contract for installation works at Tonsley continues ZEN Energy’s success in delivering market leading commercial and industrial solar installations across Australia. In recent times the company has delivered solar installations for clients such as Bickfords (817kW across four sites), Ahrens Engineering (830kW across seven sites), Taplin’s Group (901kW across four sites), and Trinity College Gawler (1.27MW across three campuses).

The company is also close to completing a 2.2MW installation for an international manufacturer’s facility in Adelaide’s north, which may ultimately also include commercial-scale battery storage.

Mr Barrington spoke of how the Tonsley project would add to ZEN’s wealth of experience, and how ZEN Energy and parent company SIMEC Energy Australia were both actively seeking other commercial and industrial clients to deliver expert renewable energy solutions for.

“This Tonsley project will be yet another landmark in the long and successful history of ZEN Energy, and proves how the company can be trusted to deliver market leading solar energy installations.

Across our two brands of ZEN Energy and SIMEC Energy Australia, and with the backing of the global GFG Alliance, for commercial and industrial customers we can now provide a full suite of renewable energy solutions that few other companies can match. We can design renewable energy hardware solutions tailored to customer’s needs, complement that hardware with an energy contract backed by renewable energy developments across the country, and make it all work hand in hand with other smarts like demand management to deliver globally competitive energy.

Many of Australia’s large energy users are starting to identify the benefits that our integration can provide, and we look forward to doing the same with many others.”

Marc Barrington, Chief Executive Officer, SIMEC Energy Australia.

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