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Power your business with reliable and economic clean energy direct from the sun and become one of the many companies taking advantage of solar with ZEN Energy.

Solar power for your business

Renewable energy is now coming in at less than a quarter of the cost of traditional energy. If your business mainly uses electricity during the day, an investment in solar could halve your energy bill and show a return on investment in less than three years. With finance and zero deposit options available, your investment could be cashflow positive sooner than you think.

Whether you’re a tenant, landlord or owner-occupier, you can access a competitive advantage through an investment in solar.

Lower your energy bill, protect yourself from rising electricity costs and reduce your impact on the environment

How We Deliver Commercial Solar

Understand Your Business Icon

1. Understand Your Business

We get to know your business and key objectives so we can deliver the best tailored renewable energy solution for your site.

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2. Your Preliminary Solution

Our in-house experts design a preliminary renewable energy solution tailored to your site and needs, including an analysis of estimated financial benefits.

Technical Site Review Icon

3. Technical Site Review

Our qualified electricians complete a technical site review to confirm all the final details. This minimises any surprises or variations down the track.

Completed Proposal Icon

4. Completed Proposal

Your ZEN Consultant provides a detailed solution proposal ready for your approval. It’s comprehensive and ready for executive or board level review.

Approvals and Installations Icon

5. Approvals and Installation

ZEN internally manages all distributor approvals on your behalf. All installations are performed by accredited installers and comply with Clean Energy Council guidelines.

Ongoing Support Icon

6. Ongoing Support

After installation, we continue to maintain, monitor and optimise your solution with you, ensuring it reaches peak performance and delivers on our projections.

How Does Solar Energy Impact My Business?

From small businesses to larger industrial users, solar energy can lower electricity costs, improve market competitiveness and protect your bottom line.

The size of commercial solar energy solutions continues to grow, with numerous megawatt and above systems installed across Australia. Solar now comes in at less than a quarter of the cost of traditional energy, allowing businesses to use renewable energy to actually decrease their cost of energy for the next 25 years.

Only an analysis by a suitably qualified and experienced commercial solar energy company like ZEN Energy will give you an insight into the optimum solution for your needs. We provide a full technology pathway from commercial solar to smart energy storage and demand management. For larger industrial users, we can also provide a balance of power supply capability. It’s all part of our commitment to partnering with your company for the life of the system.

Find out how you can reduce operating costs and improve sustainability

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