A ZEN night before Christmas

T’was the night before Christmas, when all through the office
The ZEN team were busy applying a poultice,
To the worn out feet of ZEN’s tired sales lead,
Who’d had one big year pitching the renewable creed.

ZEN’s customers were nestled, all snug in bed,
Knowing they’d chosen to help the environment instead,
Of sending more coal smoke up into the air.
They were sleeping so soundly, with nary a care!

When outside there came, in a silent descent,
A jolly old fellow with 100 percent
Green electricity powering the red nose of his reindeer ride,
He polished it and primped it with much glowing pride.

ZEN’s customers knew for sure, right away,
It was Santa aboard his brand-new ZEN sleigh.
Delivering a pile of Christmas delight,
To families everywhere all through the night.

“To be part of this 1.5 degree journey,
Means that I no longer need my Christmas attorney,
To cover my arse for all the pollution.
ZEN’s super team delivered the solution!

We’re away on our journey to be 100% green.
It’s the best Christmas present that I’ve ever seen!
I’m so proud to sign up to this collective alchemy,
It makes me want to laugh, dance and shimmy!”

To all of our partners, customers, and friends,
Thanks for joining our journey, you know where it ends:
With Australia as a green Superpower
And ZEN adding renewables each single hour!

And ZEN’s customers heard Santa say,
As he jumped into his snazzy ZENLECTRIC sleigh,
And headed on into the night,