Standing with WWF Australia in the Renewable Nation Campaign

ZEN Energy is proud to stand with WWF Australia and many other businesses as a Climate Champion in the Renewables Nation campaign. This resonates so closely with our purpose TO LEAD COMMUNITIES INTO THE ZERO CARBON WORLD.

Renewables Nation is a plan created by WWF Australia to make Australia a renewable energy exports powerhouse. Not only does Australia have some of the best renewable energy resources in the world, we now have our best opportunity to harness them for national and global good.

By combining our nations’ endless sunshine, huge land area, powerful winds, world-class expertise, and strong trade relationships, Australia must lead as a renewable energy export powerhouse with the global shift to a low carbon future. Australia can produce enough clean and affordable energy to power our whole nation, plus have plenty left to sell to our neighbours.

An Australian invented the modern solar cell, and today, Australia has one of the highest rates of household solar globally – with one in five households having solar. Our companies lead the way in developing and adopting clean energy solutions, renewable grids, batteries, and electric vehicles,

WWF, with our support, are calling on governments to:
1. Develop a costed Renewable Exports Industry Strategy for their jurisdictions.
2. Accelerate the rollout of renewable energy and make it central to economic recovery plans to create a zero-carbon future and a safer climate for all.
3. Deliver the infrastructure, policies and incentives required to establish new clean manufacturing and renewable export industries.
4. Ensure First Nations rights are respected, and workers, regional communities and low-income earners are supported through the transition to a zero-carbon Australia.

To find out more about the #renewablesnation campaign, click here.